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Author Lawrence G. Walters, Esq. With the new year upon us, two things become painfully apparent in concluding sans post-apocalyptic bedlam: 1 the Mayans seem to have preferred tequila breaks over finishing their calendaring duties, and 2 there are …. By Thomas E. Joaquin, Esq. Being a parent used to be easy. Gas up the DeLorean, because Orrin Hatch is taking us back to For many smart phone users, interacting with a natural speech-recognizing, intelligent, digital assistant — ever-present on their devices — has become a way of life.

Between YouTube videos sparking Middle Eastern riots, and the Westboro Baptist Church continuing its ministry one hateful protest at a time, recent headlines have illustrated the unique place that Free Speech rights occupy in American ….

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Canada is home to many adult website operators, and a large consumer market. While developments in U. Google, a name most associated with the popular, gargantuan search engine, has been making its way into the headlines for a different and much more egregious reason: censorship across its platform of products. The company …. Adult film stars are reportedly having their bank s systematically closed by JP Morgan Chase bank, for no other reason than their connection with porn.

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According to industry publications and more directly, tweets from adult …. Blog post by Lawrence G. Throw in a couple terrorist attacks and you have the perfect storm …. Blurring the lines between these adult-themed user …. Originally deed as a way to balance the interests of …. Iceland recently made headlines with the latest project on its allegedly progressive agenda: a nation-wide ban on pornography.

No stranger to proscribing activities related to commercializing sex, Iceland has already passed laws banning printed pornography, …. Harchuck Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is well known for his faith-based campaign against erotic entertainment. Woodhull …. With controversial topics like sexual equality and autonomy comprising the core …. In a not-so-surprising, albeit disappointing, decision affecting the adult entertainment industry, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld the obscenity conviction of fetish producer, Ira Isaacs.

Isaacs was originally charged with violating federal obscenity …. Model release?

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Throw them all into a file or load them into a database and your legal tail is covered, right? Unfortunately, XXX law is never that simple, …. In this two-part blog post, the author will …. In Part I of the Killing the Messenger blog post, we addressed the latest headlines highlighting the plight of online escort directories, specifically including the story of Craigslist.

We now turn to …. Christian Grey.

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While certainly not a literary prose masterpiece, …. By the close ofthe Republican presidential hopefuls had their work cut out for them. Such a sentiment …. Government censorship in the Internet age has been a consistent focal point for free speech advocates. Recent examples of censorship by the American government can be egregious, including the curtailment of First Amendment rights through …. Adult content producers and webmasters have become increasingly reed to the fact that Section compliance is here to stay.

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Renowned industry attorney Greg Piccionelli, Esq. That used to be the unofficial motto of Hollywood. And it worked. For years, the so-called scandals of celebrities in public were enough to keep tabloid headlines fresh, interesting …. Elizabeth C.

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Woodhull NY sex dating

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