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We all can describe our ideal partner. Perhaps they are funny, attractive and inquisitive.

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Or maybe they are down-to-earth, intelligent and thoughtful. But do we actually have special insight into ourselves, or are we just describing positive qualities that everyone likes?

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In the research, more than participants nominated their top three ideals in a romantic partner — attributes like funny, attractive or inquisitive. Then they reported their romantic desire for a series of people they knew personally: Some were blind date partners, others were romantic partners and still others were friends.

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Participants experienced more romantic desire to the extent that these personal acquaintances possessed the top three attributes. If Vanessa listed funny, attractive and inquisitive, she experienced more desire for partners who were funny, attractive and inquisitive. The researchers included a twist: Each participant also considered the extent to which the same personal acquaintances possessed three attributes nominated by some other random person in the study.

For example, if Kris listed down-to-earth, intelligent and thoughtful as her own top three attributes, Vanessa also experienced more desire for acquaintances who were down-to-earth, intelligent and thoughtful.

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Eastwick compared it to ordering food at a restaurant. Because it seems obvious that I will like what I get to pick.

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The findings have implications for the way people approach online dating. People commonly spend many hours perusing online dating profiles in the search of someone who specifically matches their ideals. Or, even better, let your friends pick your dates for you. Sparks is now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cologne.

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Finkel, Northwestern University. It was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Woodacre CA dating personals

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