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Valerie Baber sells intimacy. Which isn't to say she sells sex. Instead, she offers her services as an intimate confidant who will listen to the romantic challenges and sexual confessions you won't share with anyone else. She's a dating profile doctor, an intimacy coach, and a professional wing-woman.

Her clients include Ivy League gr, startup engineers, and fifty-year-old virgins. I asked Valerie, who I first met years ago when we both worked for the Playboy TV, what it's like to work in such an intimate line of business. After trying a few new states and a couple different countries on for size, I am, once again, settled in Los Angeles As an intimacy coach, I help individuals and couples achieve more confident sexualities and satisfying sex lives. This might be through Skype counseling sessions, in-office meetings, mock dates, or wing-woman services.

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I entered the business of sex when I was 19 years old. Unlike many other women that entered the adult industry, I had -- and still have -- a genuine sense of caring and inquiry about the people I encountered.

As a natural investigator, I asked a lot of questions, and I learned valuable lessons through the answers I was given. I learned what people were missing and needed in their lives, and I aimed to provide for this under-served but highly important purpose.

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In my two years of being established as an intimacy coach, I've met Ivy Leaguers who say -- more or less -- that their whole lives have run according to script except their romantic lives. They want to know what it takes to win a woman, if not for an outstanding and decently good looks. I've had worried, married people reach out to me, asking if there's hope for a hot sex life with their spouse after children enter the picture, and I've had the average couple in their fifties ask me if there's a chance at restoring passion post-menopause.

I've met startup entrepreneurs who were afraid to communicate their wants and needs to a partner they perceived as uptight and conservative. I've met fifty-year-old virgins, highly creative people who couldn't write a dating profile to save their life, and fetishists of all ages who feel ostracized and misunderstood.

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To be a great wing-woman, one must be brazen, perceptive, adventurous, and a caring and intuitive leader. One must apply strengths in psychology and social aptitude. They must be a hybrid of scientist and cheerleader. Regardless of how clear I make it that I do not provide sexual services, there are always inquiries from hopeful, prospective clients. Men have vivid imaginations, and they are sometimes unable to differentiate their fantasies from reality.

As a coach, I do not provide sexual services of any sort. As a coach or wing-woman, I provide a service that will help people meet their ideal partners and achieve completely rewarding physical and mental connections with the people who are right for them. My clients should be interested in the long-term investment opportunity that I provide.

Coaching, like psychotherapy or education, is no quick fix. You can make money quickly, but you can't get rich quickly and expect to stay rich that way. Similarly, you can get laid quickly, but you can't expect to get sex quickly and expect to be completely fulfilled that way. Coaching takes commitment and willpower. In the end, my clients will harness that can do so much more for their happiness than what I could do for them physically within an hour.

Why would a man trust a stranger with secrets they wouldn't share with anyone else?

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Why do we tell bartenders and hairdressers our most intimate secrets yet keep those secrets from the people we are closest to? Not only do we have an inherent need to share information and experiences, but it's unhealthy if we hold in all our anxieties, excitements, frustrations, joys, and fears. Everyone needs an outlet to stay sane, and we all need someone to help us think through life's inevitable issues. Unfortunately, the people that we are closest with are sometimes not the most qualified people to do this with. Our friends may be biased.

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Our families may not be understanding. Our doctors, although highly educated, may be emotionally removed. Our Uber drivers, however, are great listeners and thought-bouncers! I'm sort of like a bartending, hairstyling, Uber driving service provider, except I have been formally educated in psychosexuality, as well as trained in the field of adult issues for the past 16 years. For someone who is not in need of a diagnoses or medication, I can't think of a better person to turn to with sexual or relationship issues than an intimacy coach such as myself.

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Women want sex Cuchara

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