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The misery that Americans are enduring as they stumble toward a system of universal health insurance is instructive: It provides fresh proof that Canadians and Americans are profoundly different, especially in regard to the role of government. But the Republicans have treated that process as the beginning of a fight that could go on indefinitely. Last month, they even shut down the government over the issue.

How did Canada get universal health care? Premier Tommy Douglas of Saskatchewan and his successor, Woodrow Lloyd, created a medicare program and survived a brief strike by doctors in In Pearson brought forth the Medical Care Act. So, three politicians — a socialist, a Progressive Conservative and a Liberal, backstopped by a Supreme Court justice, were the fathers of medicare. But medicare had a consensus behind it. Unlike the U. Consider the question asked this week in the Washington Post : Should people be allowed to continue buying health insurance that may fail them in a time of crisis? Or should they be limited to insurance the government considers safe?

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They believe they should be allowed to make their own mistakes. The Clintons realized that you had to guarantee people that nothing would change. But many citizens now are being severed from their insurers because the government considers their present plans inadequate.

The failure of HealthCare. The website left hundreds of thousands of Americans shouting at blank screens. As early as last winter, engineers were predicting this result. The political types were afraid that any delay would give aid and comfort to Republican enemies, who wanted to repeal the law. On a less important subject, coinage, we can see the same difference between the two countries at work. The U. So the U. Mint in issued the Susan B. Anthony dollar. They pressed million coins and apparently every one of them was unpopular.

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People confused them with quarters. Eventually, the Susan B. Two more dollar coins have since been issued, without success. Consider, by contrast, the Canadian loonie, which was introduced in — another money-saving idea, but a success. Canadians might have preferred to stick to their dollar bills, but dollar bills disappeared.

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Ottawa just stopped issuing them. InOttawa added a two-dollar coin, the toonie, and the two-dollar bill died, unmourned.

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Canadians prefer to leave such decisions to the people who may, if we are lucky, know what they are talking about. Americans worry more than we do about individual freedom. We worry more about. Retailers like Under Armour, Sephora and Dyson roll out limited-time discounts. up to receive the daily top stories from the National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

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John Ivison: Liberals put O'Toole on the defensive on gun control. This Week in Flyers. Notice for the Postmedia Network This website uses cookies to personalize your content includingand allows us to analyze our traffic.

Women want nsa Liberty Mills

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