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As three young English women make their fresh start in the New World, the snap of their long skirts and smart comebacks lend plenty of cheek to the period drama Jamestown two seasons are now streaming with THIRTEEN Passportset in the early 17th century. The series makes its broadcast debut on Saturday, March 8 at 8 p.

They arrive in Jamestown, Virginia ineach bound to marry the man that paid for her passage. But these newcomers prove defiant to their male counterparts, fighting for the futures they want for themselves from the get-go. The real-life Jamestown colony was founded on May 14,by an expedition commissioned by the Virginia Company of London. It soon became evident that Jamestown would only turn a profit if it became a permanent settlement; for that, women were crucial, and the first arrived in with a supply ship.

The mail-order bride program that brought the characters in the Jamestown show to the colony is based on an actual plan organized by the treasurer of the Virginia Company in the early s.

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In an effort to boost the female population of Jamestown and bring stability to the colony, the company organized a marital immigration program that would attract and send hundreds of women to the New World. Women were offered free transportation to the colony, as well as clothing, linens, furnishings, and even land. Unlike the characters in the show, whose husbands are pre-determined, women arriving in the real Jamestown could choose theirs. Life in New World offered female colonists freedoms and opportunities unavailable to most English women at the time. Among the very first English women to arrive at Jamestown were a Mrs.

Forest, who was ing her husband, and her year-old maid, Anne Burras.

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Their ship was a part of the second supply mission that landed in Anne and John were the proud parents of a daughter, the first child born in Jamestown to English parents. Were they aware that the very first girl born to English parents in the New World had been named Virginia — back in in Roanoke from which all settlers had disappeared without a trace by ?

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Anne and John named their baby Virginia, who survived, along with three younger siblings. The family eventually moved to a nearby colony, Elizabeth City, established by the Virginia Company in The Marriage of Pocahontas,John C. McRae, after Henry Brueckner.

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Inas relations between the Powhatan tribes and the colony grew tense, Pocahontas was captured by Samuel Argall and held for ransom. During this time she became deeply depressed at being separated from her husband and family. In Pocahontas was indoctrinated into the Christian faith, took the name Rebecca, and married tobacco farmer and businessman John Rolfe. The marriage was a crucial event for both the English self-image and stability in the region, leading to a period of peace between the Powhatan tribes and Jamestown colony.

InPocahontas and John Rolfe traveled to England with their son, Thomas, in an effort to garner interest in Jamestown.

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Though she was not a princess in the context of her own culture, she was presented as such to the English people. Pochantas and her young son become gravely ill just as the family began a return journey to Jamestown in Their son was left behind to be raised in England, but returned to live in the Jamestown area in the mid s. Temperance Flowerdew is one of the real-life housewives depicted in the period drama Jamestown.

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She is believed to have been in her 20s when she landed in Jamestown in August She had left England a married woman aboard one of nine ships that made up the third supply mission to Jamestown. Only seven of the nine vessels made it to the colony, which desperately needed supplies.

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Another ship was lost at sea. Her journey was very difficult but worse conditions lay ahead of her. Relations with the Powhatan, with whom the colony traded with for food at the time, were severed when an injured John Smith returned to England for treatment. Stranded and without food, 90 percent of the colony Temperance had just ed would die during what is now referred to as the Starving Time.

In May ofTemperance was one of 60 surviving colonists who greeted the arrival Sea Venture, which had been pd lost at sea. Among the crew who eventually made their way to Jamestown were John Rolfe and George Yeardley, who was captain of the bodyguard group for the new governor Sir Thomas Gates, who also arrived on the Sea Venture. ByTemperance was a widow and she married George Yeardley, who was appointed Governor of Virginia that year. They had three children.

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For many years, Temperance assisted her husband with business and financial affairs on their plantation, the Flowerdew Hundred. As depicted in the show, the Yeardleys owned some of the first African slaves to be brought to the New World. Temperance died the following year, in December Get a roundup of broadcast and digital premieres, special offers, and events with our weekly newsletter.

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Women in Colonial Virginia