Swingers clubs in north east

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New to this and want to take it slowly and find our feet. Looking to have chats with like minded ladies, and couples, and see where this may lead NO singl First can we say that we are generally looking to speak with couples who are genuine. We will only meet single men in very particular circumstances and we don't If your avatar is a dick please move on and if you use the "fancy a quickie its a block!

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We are no longer S OK then, this is us; We are a fifties couple from Tyneside, Shel is bi. John is straight. Please note, we prefer more imaginative play rather than a quick s Straight, gay and couples.

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Go to metro radio arena, down the side. Under the bridge cars park, approach one or get their attention and head to the bushes at the back or to the left.

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If you take the first left on the right hand side of the road you'll see parked cars. Walk next to one, then into the bushes on the right. Mostly busy all nights between 10pm-2am. Busiest nights are Friday and Saturdays. Any questions drop a comment. Gosforth Park Vast area of woodland and rhodedendron bushes. Lots of places to cruise, mostly gay but some bi-curious and doggers, especially on hot, sticky evenings.

The best way to access the cruising area is to walk from Newcastle city centre up the A past the famous St James's Park football stadium. It is just a minute walk from Newcastle Central railway station up the A, passing St James's Park football stadium on your right side, until you pass the Esso petrol station left side and turn right just before the Black Bull pub onto the footpath which le into the park.

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You turn right and come out into a large field with the spires of the St James's park football stadium in front of you. You need to head into the bushes and woodland close to the road you have just walked up — Barrack Road, this is off to the right, close to the road, but hidden from the road.

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The bushes and woods are dense and you cannot be seen by anyone, despite the Goth kids who hang out in the main meadow smoking marijuana. There is blue metal fencing bounding the football stadium and lots of bushes and paths through the bushes which border Barrack Road, the A, but which is separated and isolated from the road, meaning you cannot be seen yet there are lots of places to cruise without being seen.

Lots of sex litter and sex dens. The bushes are only used by cruisers. Cruising tip: you should be able to see the top of the architect-deed St James's Park football stadium in the background when you are looking at the woods. The land slopes away down to the bushes in such a way that you cannot be seen by people sitting in the main field. Head into the bushes which line Barrack Road.

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There is an extensive network of paths which are all cruisy and bordering the blue metal fence of St James's Park football stadium. There is no sex elsewhere in the park, only here. Only in the deep bushes. The Goths who sit in the field and smoke marijuana, although they cannot see you and most of the time don't care. You can still enter the woods and bushes without being seen by anyone.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Newcastle upon Tyne. Show all Members. Redheugh Bridge Straight, gay and couples.

Swingers clubs in north east

email: [email protected] - phone:(908) 780-3706 x 6157

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