Sitka alaska strip club

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Ashwin Kiran was visiting Juneau in February when he noticed something was missing from the local entertainment scene.

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At least, nothing that would give us a straight answer. So, we started with a theory of mine. I called the state Department of Labor and asked them to explain any and all regulations around strip clubs in Alaska. So I marched over to city hall to get the real story. I went to The Viking on a Saturday about at night.

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She runs a company that brings strip shows to The Viking and a few other bars in town. Rachael is quite a history buff.

What’s The Name Of This Strip Club? - Bar Rescue, Season 4

In fact, her interest in adult entertainment stems in part from reading about the history of sex work in Alaska β€” everything from burlesque to prostitution. She unzipped her bag and pulled out a piece of paper that had been scribbled on. It was a list of historical events she wanted to discuss.

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We got right to it. Temperance and the criminalization of prostitution were part of the early progressive movement, a widespread effort to reform society that lasted from the s to the s in most parts of the country. But the industry continued for two years until a scandal erupted. Public officials had been quietly condoning the industry due to the immense political power of saloon and brothel owners. None wanted to go on the record, but they all alluded to the same thing: they thought that doing it out in the open would draw criticism and possibly damage their reputations.

They also said the social backlash could result in regulations. The industry enjoys some of the most lenient rules in the country. Almost every person I spoke with for this story hinted at the social consequences in one way or another.

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Sitka alaska strip club

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Owner: No flak from the law for floating Alaska strip club