Sex partner ready want sex

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Having sex with someone for the first time can be really exciting.

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Everything is brand new! Even if you've been sexually active in the past, a new partner can feel totally different, both emotionally and physically. They're a whole experience — one that you might be eager to explore, but not quite ready to yet.

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This is totally normal. Sex should happen when you're ready, but that can get tricky if your partner wants to have sex, but you're not ready yet. You may feel pressured to do it because you know your partner wants to, but the truth is, you should only have sex if you feel ready to, and if you genuinely want to. Maybe you had trauma in the past, and it feels ultra-vulnerable and scary to open up to sex. Maybe you've experienced negative sexual experiences with others and are scared to repeat. Maybe you're anxious over not knowing what you're doing.

It's totally understandable if you want to put off sex for some time in a relationship.

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There's no specific timeline you should follow when it comes to your sex life or your relationship, for that matter. Your reason for wanting to wait a little more before having sex may even be subconsciously chemical.

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Approach the topic with your partner early on. So, "simply share what you do want to do and say or demonstrate other fun ways of giving and receiving pleasure," Levine says. When you decide to talk to your partnerit's important to remember you have every right to feel how you feel in every aspect of your relationship, and nobody should make you feel ashamed of that. Trust that your partner won't judge you and will respect your wants. Telling your partner how you feel about something as intimate as sex early on can help you build a solid foundation based on communication in the beginning stages of your relationship.

Talk to bae in a way that you feel comfortable doing that still gets your thoughts and feelings across, sex and relationship therapist Dr. Donna Oriowo suggests.

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Oriowo tells Elite Daily. And ultimately, remember that you don't owe anyone sex. You should do it when you're ready to.

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If your partner doesn't want to accept that and pressures you, then thank u, next. Search Close.

Sex partner ready want sex

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