Sbf looking to relax

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Right out of school, he worked for a large, international firm. He learned a lot about management, culture, and, of course, ing.

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He also learned how important it is to like your job and the people you work with. Making sure people are happy is not as simple as buying lunch for them occasionally or congratulating people when they reach anniversary milestones.

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Five years ago, SBF was born from a merger of two other firms. When that merger happened, this culture was a distant vision, not yet a reality.

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As the partners tried to create the firm they wanted with the culture they believed in, they made a lot of mistakes along the way. I guess when you are so focused on trying to achieve what you want, sometimes that can make you myopic in a good way. It took that sort of singular focus from all three partners to create the culture SBF enjoys now — a culture where team members are committed to mentoring one anotherlearning new thingsserving their communityand coming together during a crisis.

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For instance, when an SBF outsourced ing client was selling his business, SBF stepped up to ensure he got the selling price they deserved. This put the sale in jeopardy, but Steve told his team not to panic, to take the weekend to relax and to come in on Monday ready to tackle the problem.

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Steve was floored. The deal went through. Back to posts.

Sbf looking to relax

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