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William Paterson, er of the U. Constitution, was born in County Antrim, Ireland on December 24, He went on to study law, was admitted to the bar inand then established a successful legal career. Paterson first entered politics inserving as secretary and delegate to the New Jersey Provincial Congress, a position he held until He also served as a member of the New Jersey Legislative Council from to ; was a member of the State Constitutional Convention; and served as the New Jersey attorney general from to He also was a delegate to the U.

Constitutional Convention; and served in the U. Senate from to Paterson next won election to the governorship in He went on to win reelection to three consecutive one-year terms.

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During his tenure, the first state prison was established in Trenton; the state legal system was improved; and a manufacturing plan was implemented. After securing an appointment to the U. Supreme Court, Paterson reed from the governorship on March 3, He served on the federal bench until death.

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Sobel, Robert, and John Raimo, eds. Biographical Directory of the U. The Revolutionary War in North Jersey. January 19, - January 15, January 17, - January 18, January 15, - November 15, January 12, - January 15, January 8, - January 12, January 31, - January 8, January 18, - January 31, January 16, - January 18, January 16, - January 16, January 15, - January 16, This searchable database identifies former governors by state and dates of service.

The governors' biographies available on the NGA website provide summary biographical information only and are edited infrequently.

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About William Paterson, er of the U. Source Sobel, Robert, and John Raimo, eds. Recent New Jersey Governors.

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James E. Richard J. Codey January 12, - January 15, Learn More. John O. Bennett January 8, - January 12, Learn More. Donald T. Thomas H. Kean January 16, - January 16, Learn More.

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Search For Former Governors This searchable database identifies former governors by state and dates of service. Start Searching.

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Paterson, New Jersey