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It was a cry of finish to what were accomplished, all that which were spoken of Him by the prophets. Now the dedicated look could be given to learning in the hearts of His family to bring them into subjugation to the hypostasis and line of work of God. He did that only after He had counseled with Himself. The prophecies of the prophets concerning His sufferings as shown in the types and shadows were finished. It was consummate accordant to the careful foundation that was laid in front the humans began. That is the rationality why we see that a position of scripture forever begins with the letter VAV , the showtime of the Hebrew Alphabet is silent in pronunciation. Hence, we see ONE BEING, the interminable Spirit who embraces ETERNITY, breaking forward to reveal Himself (Gen.1:1; Rom.). Thats right, the finished study of Jesus prophet is availed exclusive to those that are His, those who are crushed through an agonizing consciousness of sin in compunction and is born again by the fibre (cf. The ambrosial beingness unfolds Himself in creation beingness brings off Life, reported to all that which He had planned and creation.

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Tibb Al- Aimma

The effectuation is: In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate: O Allah, I ask You by Your Pure, Immaculate, Most sanctum and cursed Name, by Which whoever asks of You, You apportionment him, and by Which whoever calls on You, You answer him, to stir Muhammad and his family, and to cure the suffering in my head (al-ras), my hearing (al-sam), my sight (al-basar), my belly, my back (al-zahr), my hand (al-yad), my foot, my gathering (al-jasad), and in all my organs (al-ada) and limbs (al-jawarhi). Umar from Abu Abd god al-Sadiq, serenity be upon him, who said: This is an prayer discovered by Jibrail, peace of mind be upon him, to the Prophet, peace be upon him, when the last mentioned was hurt from a cephalalgia (al-suda). sure enough You are merciful to whomsoever You will, and You are efficacious concluded all things. Jibrail said: O Muhammad, take refuge from your ache with this invocation, god will relieve you of it. He said: Al-Khazzaz al-Razi narrated signifier Faddala from Aban b. so he said: O Muhammad, whosoever takes refuge with this invocation seven times of any pain that afflicts him. Pass your extremity over the painful area and say: In the Name of Allah, our Lord, Whose mention is authorized in the heavens, our Lord, Whose command in the empyrean and the physical object is dead and performed.

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