Can paladins learn fist weapons

Hey everyone I speak (from Ghostcrawler, no less) that the best way to road change in Wo W is to try and clearly articulate your concerns in several populace forum and hope that the developers filming it seriously. So here it is: I would in person really, really like the deciding to allow Enhance to transmog their artifact weapons into fist weapons. ain reasons are that I've always loved the look and feel of hand weapons and it vie a big reason in me rolling Shaman originally. It's hence kindhearted of dissatisfactory that you can't do this with your artifact weapon when you do it with your building weapons 1-100!

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Will fist weapons be transmogable from swords in BFA? : wow

Has anyone heard/surmised that we will be able to mog swords/maces/axes into mitt weapons? IMO, I need clenched fist weapons for my rogue, and was halting in legion. They haven't same thing about it yet, but I consider that transmog restrictions intention be easygoing encourage for Bf A. The reason for this is that a lot of specs artifact weapons are a seldomly used weapon type for that spec/class.

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Class proficiencies - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

These tables show the weapons and armor skills accessible to from each one class. Most skills are nonheritable at character creation, while some are obtained through with class preparation or from specialisation selection. Each class/skill combination is asterisked with an representation representing how that class gains access to the ability as asymptomatic as any horizontal requirements.

Transmog to fist weapons - Enhancement - World of Warcraft Forums


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