Older women looking for men yourself unfurled

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It is, however, a good thing that women get to feel good about themselves today, or do they? We just had to ask. She agreed so generously to answer our questions, so with a hunger for answers, we enter into the chambers of Professor B. Indira at the Humanities Department. A stack of books that she wrote to her side, a few more lying about on her table, she was having a conversation with one of her students, while they both share mouth freshening spices from a little box. We are the prime movers.

Let us take a look at the excerpts from an interview with our very beloved Dr. An ideal student is one who questions. One who dares to question. And the questioning should be very practical and it should further the learning process. I have not really faced any discrimination or bias.

Basically, girls and boys should learn to be responsible towards themselves. Then, any aspect of social and self-awareness will automatically take place. These days, what is lacking in youth is responsibility towards oneself. Extending their hand towards society is happening, but awareness is not really up to the mark. As far as self-awareness is concerned, everybody goes by what label has been given to them, rather than looking within and trying to find out what they are, what their strengths are, and weaknesses are and how they can overcome them.

You should perform the act of looking within. When you see others as you see yourself, that is the best way to bring about social awareness for yourself. Where in life did you feel power or impotence over something because you are a woman?

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And I think being a woman has as many advantages and disadvantages as being a man has. Even a boy is equally vulnerable to sexual abuse. The whole fault lies with the system. Once this discrimination is erased, everything is an advantage. What changes did you see regarding gender bias over the years? Can you see a change in girls then and girls now? I would definitely say girls today are much ahead than they were in the earlier generation. Each generation is one up from the one. You have everything. Start convincing your parents and give them confidence that you can take care of yourself and follow your dreams.

Unfortunately, there are some girls who overdo it. And that is why people have developed a biased approach towards the advancement of girls. Freedom should be with responsibility. I really appreciate the way you talked the other day about the taboo subjects. You were so openly speaking. I have always looked up to myself.

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What advice would you like to give your year-old self? And I succeeded in it. Is it true that women who work do not have a good bondage with their children? Bonding with children is something which is very instinctive. Career has nothing to do with it.

It is your maternal instinct. In fact, a working woman spends quality time with her children. If you take work home, it is your responsibility to make the child understand that it is important. Men get beaten.

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This has come way back in England at wartime when all men went to war, women were left to fend for themselves and the family, the children, they started going out for work. Break that framework that society has fixed you in. Come out of it and start looking at the world as a world of humans. Not as a world of men and women. That is all I wish to say.

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Instead of fussing over what others think and why they think so, let us just go with the flow, and live. Nice interview. Her answers shd form text book content fr students and particularly women who raise a bogey of victimhood. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. View all posts by The Communicons. Posted on March 8, March 8, by The Communicons. Who, according to you, is an ideal student? Is it a good thing that we have everything? Everyone is a student. Whom do you look up to? Definitely yes. What do you want to say to men in this context? Indira, Professor of English, Dept. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Older women looking for men yourself unfurled

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