Old florida boy looking for hippie chick

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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the. Become a member. Poetic T Mar I want to be a hippie but my mum says no, she says i smell to clean an short hair as a hippie just doesnt go. I want to be a hippie but my dad says no as the only drug i take is asprin and son asprin is a drug a hippie just cant smoke. A hippie loves peace and the thought of love, you build war machines so death isnt for hippies and you think love is a joke.

So my son you dont drink you dont smoke or do any kind of drug, you have short hair so a hippie you'll never be so no means no. Continue reading Mike Hauser Mar Hippie Sale. Who Knew! Tim Emminger Apr Just An Old Hippie. Mike Hauser Feb Elioinai Jul By August of that same year President Johnson started the draft Under protests and jeers. Then he made it a full scale war And sent our soldiers to Vietnam shores. The Beatniks in Greenwich village With their long hair, beards, and Flip flop sandals - wrote their poetry About this undeclared war, and why Our men were going to those shores.

But they spoke of loving one another And gave out flowers as a of peace Which to the president was a relief. They had Greenwich village under their control And not one coffee shop would ever be sold. Every coffee shop had a poetry night And going there was such a delight. Healy Fallon Jun Hippie Hippie 73, she walks like the leopard in the savana of San Francisco, the blonde peacock on the jungle throne Hippie 73, a product but a voice, with wings and some uncut claws Hippie 73, A nymph and a marcher, with a paintbrush and a posterboard Hippie 73, originality is wavy like the rainbow sky, but the lights are bright in the raindrop's shadow.

If ya wanna get laid Just spread your legs. Why don't you come too. Madds May Hippie song circles. Hippie song circles, Twist and turn your fate Show me what's beyond the eye Taste the absinth and watch the illusions. Mold me to this earth And soak me in, I want to be whole, I want to be whole again.

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Close your eyes and we'll place daisies In your unbrushed, long blonde hair LSD, LSD, oh, sweet drugs Drink my soul and breathe me out as smoke Dellusions, illusions Take me back in time I don't feel right. Keep me in these guitar kissed Hippie song circles forever.

Latiaaa Jan You have ripped bellbottoms a shaky smile, The sandy curls that cascade down your back. You smoke till your lungs go black, You sit in the blazing sun meditating till you go tan. You decorate your room with blankets so the colors keep you company, The daisies you wear in your hair till they go brown. You let your cigarette dangle from your thin lips, That gritty sound you make when you form words. Your eyes are always clouded with memories, You wear those circular shades to hide from people.

Your hands are tatted with henna, and you wear the shirt of a tie-dye spider. All you eat is trail-mix of pistachios and sun-dried apples. You ride in a Volkswagen with windows down to feel the breeze. You take a pull off hookah and a bite of shrooms just to chase away the madness.

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You create your own reality. When the rain falls down you fling your head back and yell to the world, The face you make when you see animals. Neon Robinson Apr The Ego of a Hippie. Iridescent celestial being An anarchic yet effervescent adolescent Frolicking freely like a breeze throw the leave of an omnipresent forest. Bare foot and star gazing, native and trail blazing. Like a clever fearless fairy exploring the faraway night sky She is the fantastic bit of magic on an otherwise static planet. The captain of passion and best little hippie on the mountain Formed by a volcanic fountain that caused a panic on our little oceanic planet.

Lauren Christina Pearson Jul Unrequited Hippie Love. The bowl might as well have been packed with my hypocampus, every lighter spark brought only memories of you. I blew smoke als to the wind, begging the universe to mend our broken fate line. I might add more to this someday, but for now it is simple and short.

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Jonny Angel Feb Fah Aug Acrylic on canvas, ed and dated jeffrey-lebowski: Untitled by Yayoi Kusama. I have a thousand brilliant lies For the question: What is God? If you think that the Truth can be known From words, If you think that the Sun and the Ocean Can pass through that tiny opening Called the mouth, O someone should start laughing!

Someone should start wildly Laughing Now! Source: bakongo 1 day ago —notes artismyempire: gentledom: A wonderful analogy. What I shall do today. Long ago God felt that raining frogs on Egypt was cool. People were turned into pillars of salt for looking at the destruction of their towns.

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Rather He realizes the importance of free will and understands it is more important than any instruction manual. Dreams are the ultimate instructional manual. Sub-conscious hates being a sub. Sub-conscious wants to be dom-conscious. Unfortunately such things do not happen anymore. Drinking dreams from people is potentially delicious. Flab is the hallmark of a family man or woman.

Their dreams have become realities. Mere impulses of creatures become vaguely self-sustaining then fully self-sustaining. Right in the heart is where the familial love lives. Floaters in the eyes are more than floaters. When one sees floaters they see ghosts. Floaters are ghosts for the vision-impaired. Afterlife is big into God. Death brings people closer to God.

From on high the angels live on the down low. Beneath angels are the exciting ones, the ones they can and do mess up. Humans are interesting for their ability to mess up all the time and somehow remain completely loved. Once people come back to God they realize how much of their decisions were good, how the evil was more than counterbalanced by the good. Living in Earth tends to make people forget how fortunate they really are. The world hates leaving people behind. In Heaven everything is fine. From Heaven people can see themselves from light-years away.

Such distance makes it easier to see what the right and wrong decision was. Death takes the people away. Online presences remain long after the body has left. Everything has a digital footprint entirely different from their real life footprint. Sometimes it is bigger and sometimes smaller. It depends on the lust for life. Kissing is a form of lust.

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Lips love each other. Lips like locking together. That is where the key to the heart comes from, from the lips. Words flow from the mouths of babes. Life means the words work well but the tones work better. Even babies understand the importance of tone. Words are meaningless. Tones are tender. People wrap themselves up in tones, in the environmental sounds that surround them for that is what it means to be alive: it means to interact. Otherwise known as the Brazilian Grape Tree, the jabuticaba is grown for its purplish-black, white-pulped fruits.

They can be eaten raw or be used to make jellies and drinks, including juice and wine. They are wonderful trees to have and are fairly adaptable to most environments but they grow extremely slow. Jabuticaba flowers are white and grow directly from its trunk, just like its fruit. The tree may flower and fruit only once or twice a year, but when continuously irrigated, it flowers frequently and fresh fruit can be available year round in tropical regions.

Common in Brazilian markets, jabuticabas are largely eaten fresh; their popularity has been likened to that of grapes in the US. Due to its extremely short shelf-life, fresh jabuticaba fruit is very rare in markets outside of areas of cultivation. So if you are ever in Brazil, be sure to try the incredibly tasty fruit called jabuticaba.

Wow This is kinda creepy. Elias Mtn. Never and in the trash. You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty. You have seen your golden wings. Of anything less, why do you worry? You are in truth the soul, of the soul, of the soul. Rumi, from Who Am I?

Old florida boy looking for hippie chick

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