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Well, really, they did it. And while we started this ranking back when Orange Is the New Black was a little more frivolously sexy and a little less viscerally emotional, we simply must complete our comprehensive ranking of every sex scene that graced our Netflix s over the years. It's been a wild ride or, really, 50 of them In fact, as someone who sobbed through most of season 7 I mean, at least Danielle Brooks, Karina Arroyave, and Natasha Lyonne are going to get Emmys, right?

But hey, let's remember the good times, right? Or, in the case of the first few slides, the times that happened and that hopefully everyone learned and grew from. Please note, clearly this is an opinion piece, and also there are some spoilers ahead!

Farewell, Orange Is the New Black.

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You had 50 sex scenes but, more importantly, you had our hearts. Turn off: Everything. Turn on: Once again, literally nothing. This is a completely un-sexy scene in a series of troubling encounters for poor Pennsatucky. Turn off: Getting bit or stung by a woodland creature is definitely the wrong kind of penatration. Turn on: Well, it's the last sex scene of the entire series, so I guess if anything does it for you, this was your last chance! Turn offs: While Aleida's heart has never really been in this relationship, this time she and Hopper got tricked into having sex so Daya could get Hopper fired and corner the drug market.

Not exactly the peak of romance. Also, we promise not all of these scenes are related to Daya scheming. Her joylessness radiates through the screen. And at least they didn't get caught this time. Turn off: This scene last virtually a half-second, but it counts, so here it is.

Also, Daya um Turn off: The sex is too sad for even Piper and she leaves quickly to go cry in the bathroom. He really came through for Blanca when she needed him. Turn offs: I mean, it is what it is. But the conclusion of this storyline was quite meaningful so we're going to focus on that. Turn on: Aleida's had a lot of sex she hasn't enjoyed over the past couple seasons, so even though she's cheating on Hopper, at least Cesar's cute and she's down! Turn off: I validate every single person who never warmed up to this couple and their myriad bumps and, er, humps in the road.

Turn ons: Alex wanted Piper to try an open relationship, and Gabriella is super cute! Unfortunately for her, Piper isn't exactly on the same. Turn on: Before this show decided Caputo was a genuine love interest, we were pretty icked out by these encounters. Turn off: If you're not turned on by Caputo, this is going to do the exact opposite. If you are, you've had a great run. Turn on: Once again, if you're team Caputo, you've had the time of your life. And this moment became particularly important later. Turn off: Caputo may have had an endearing redemption arc, but maybe Litchfield would have been better off in the first place if he'd kept his pants on.

Turn ons: Tova formerly Black Cindyprovided easily one of season 6's most compelling plot lines, so it was good to get to know her a better through the exposition this scene delivered. Turn offs: They literally spent the entire moment delivering exposition. A comedy moment earns some kudos.

Turn off: As ceaselessly mentioned, unless Caputo porn is your cup of tea, nothing about this scene is a turn on. But we are still smirking about it. Turn on: Not our thing, but hey, we commend their borderline magical skills when it comes to graphic language. Turn off: They are literally in public surrounded by children and families. We get there's no real good time for these two, but this was definitely not it. Turn off: Before Diablo and Blanca became one of the cutest couples on this show, this was certainly one of the most bizarre sex scenes OITNB has to offer, and that smile Blanca gives her charge while banging the hell out of Diablo is chilling in not the sexy way.

Turn off: It didn't. Maureen ended up stopping before Suzanne could finish as revenge for Suzanne abandoning her in the woods. Of course, this was ultimately just a small hiccup in this rollercoaster of a relationship. Turn on: Once again, this is ranked a bit higher than it could be more for the character development of it all, and the tender, communicative nature of this relationship as it blossomed in season 7.

Their rapport as a team really did get me. Turn on: Once again, this entry is more about Jessica Pimentel's lovely work in season 7 and less about the coitus. This scene was technically very integral to an arc that ended quite beautifully.

Turn offs: She was cheating, he ended up convincing her to do illegal stuff, she wound up in prison Turn off: Maybe the same thing as the turn on? Also, she's putting on a show for "Donuts", with whom she had a wildly disturbing relationship in Season 3. Things shifted in seasons and our feelings on it are still being processed. Turn on: Aleida may not be pleasure cruise of a soul, but it was nice to see her have maybe her only moment of true happiness as a character. Turn on: After trying to take Alex's advice and be open, Piper realizes she really just loves thinking about her dear prison wife alone in her bedroom.

Turn off: The actual reason this double beat is ranked so high is that it really gives a Tracee Chimo Pallero many more moments to shine, and that's the dream. As Piper's very turned off sister-in-law with very thin walls, Neri insists Piper get out of the house and that they spend more quality time together, leading to some extreme shenanigans. Turn off: Lots of people just didn't really care about Daya and Bennett. Also, everything that went down with Pornstache to keep this relationship alive made this moment disturbingly risky. Turn on: This scene was so memorable it came back for a season 7 reference, so there's that.

And let's be honest, who wasn't holding out for some Yoga Jones action? Turn off: Those molly-tastic makeouts are a little slobbery. And no offense to Luschek, but once he's out of the picture we're a lot more on board. Turn on: This was one of the very rare moments where things go nicely for Pennsatucky, and we really appreciate that. Turn offs: This charming man left town and what followed was devastating. And continued to be devastating. We'll appreciate this moment while we had it.

Plus, Nichols trying to be discreet with her posterboard is precious. Also, as we know, this ultimately ended badly. Turn on: It's Season 5's only sex scene with two people. Sure, we come close to seeing more than heavy petting with Vauseman, Nichols and Morello, Nichols and some other girl, and hell, even Caputo and Fig, but world - this is what we get. So if you were waiting for sex scenes in Season 5 perhaps to rank them for this article this is what you were given to work with. And no, we're not including Leanne and the literal fingerbang, are you kidding?

Hell no. Turn off: We knew these crazy kids would never last. Also, Season 5 was dealing with too much to have a hard focus on sex, and that makes sense. Throwing in one flashback to the good ol' days of constant coitus felt a little out of place this time.

Turn on: This historically troubled twosome had agreed that the shit talking was working for their sex life, and we didn't entirely disagree in this case. Turn on: Ugh, what a storyline.

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What a couple. If this didn't break your heart, you're not someone who should have continued watching this show for seven seasons. Turn on: These two were always maybe the show's most precious pair, and Poussey is a badass lover. We'll take all of it. Turn off: Morello shuts the relationship down right after she orgasms. Also, Morello makes sounds akin to a wind-up toy getting murdered, but all is forgiven in a holy place. It did not disappoint. Turn off: Technically this is the start of the rendezvous that got Piper into seven seasons worth of trouble.

Turn On: Nichols hooks up with many characters on this show in many graphic fashions, but no one seems to be getting the best end of this deal more than this girl, who's having such a great time that quieting down is basically not an option. Turn off: We can't really find any, but we're sure the girl brushing her teeth in the same restroom begs to differ. Turn on: Those chapel sex scenes are just really raising the bar here!

Also, we finally see Nichols get some herself. Turn off: Soso literally will not stop talking. That is, until Nichols gives her a little incentive see "turn ons". Turn on: Vauseman worked it out! It took all season! They're tender and loving and adorable and it's great!

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Turn offs: They're heavily interrupted by Angie and Leanne. But the sheer joy of seeing these two together after 12 episodes of "they probably won't, right? Turn off: Soso struggles with reciprocating, so some points get lost there. But hey, it's all a learning experience. Turn on: In the context of the show, this is pretty much just one glorious frame after another. The hair pulling, the camera angles, the trash bag - this scene gave us its all and we love every second.

Turn off: It's a little rough, and we totally get that's not for everyone. But for these two characters, this was easily one of their most memorable moments. Turn on: Nearly everything. After the scissoring fails though completely adorably Poussey shares some wise words of passionate love before trying something much more successful on her giggling and super lucky girlfriend. Never has a scene been so sexy AND precious. And later on, literally everything is ruined.

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But this moment will now forever reign as OITNB's 1 sex scene, and as one of the overall most memorable from this fan-favorite character. All Rights Reserved. It took a while, but we did it. We're starting this list off with the opposite of a good bang.

Though in the end, you weren't the worst. Turn off: No one ever started an episode and went, "I sure hope this one has Larry jerking off. We promise sexy sex is coming soon Turn off: The sex is too sad for even Piper and she leaves quickly to go cry in the bathroom. They always end in tears. Turn offs: A kid catches them. Turn off: We just have better things to get to.

Turn offs: Don't worry, Piper will tell you herself over the course of the season.

Naked women from Orange

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