Love more than a body

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Our beauty-obsessed world perpetuates the idea that happiness, health, and ability to be loved are dependent on how we look, but authors Lindsay and Lexie Kite offer an alternative vision. With insights drawn from their extensive body image research, Lindsay and Lexie—PhDs and founders of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined and also twin sisters!


In the process, they show how facing your feelings of body shame or embarrassment can become a catalyst for personal growth. Through their groundbreaking body image resilience model, Lexie and Lindsay offer many practical ways to make peace with your body, showing how body image disruptions can be a pathway for healing, rather than provoke a descent into a shame spiral.

Ultimately, readers will find real solutions to reunite with their whole, embodied selves. Thankfully, Lindsay and Lexie have written a step-by-step guide on how to dismantle self-objectification and develop a positive body image. The world needs this book.

In More Than a Bodythey meticulously dissect the deluge of messaging that says we should tie our worth to our appearance—and then they blow all of it apart.

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They inspire us all to imagine what more we can be and what more we can do when we are able to take up all the space we need in this world. Lindsay and Lexie tell stories many of us could have written ourselves and unpack just how good and okay we are and have always been. In a lively and engaging style, Lindsay and Lexie discuss the grave harm caused by self-objectification and offer remedies that encourage resilience.

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A most welcome addition to the literature on body image. Get your copy today!

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How do you feel about your body? Have you ever stayed home from a social activity or other opportunity because of concern about how you looked? Have you ever passed judgment on someone because of how they looked or dressed?

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Have you ever had difficulty concentrating on a task because you were self-conscious about your appearance? Get Our Book. Take Our Online Course. Search for:. Follow More Than a Body on Instagram:.

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Love more than a body

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More Than a Body