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I just woke up from my door bell ringing I threw on my robe to see who it was. I opened my door to find my neighbor Betty standing there looking very pissed off. Today she had on very tight pink shorts and a matching tight t shirt that showed off her fantastic body. I started to get hard looking at her even after having fucked her daughter Latisha and her girlfriend Jasmine last night. More like a cock teasing whore that you would enjoy my big white cock fucking the hell out of your sweet nigger ass.

Well Betty I am hung like a horse and if I was to fuck you, you would be a hooked to my cock. I bet you are a terrible cock sucker, hell I bet a school girl can suck my cock better than you can. It will be the greatest blowjob you ever had. They are a nice set but that looks like a new top and if I cum you mite get it covered in my hot cum. There you happy now are you getting a good look at my hot titties. Yes I am getting a very good look at your hot fucking tits.

Now let me show you what you will be sucking on. Then I get to fuck your sweet ass then and I will enjoy this so much. Get out of those pink tight shorts so I can fuck that tiny little ass of yours. I never went back on my word your fucking honky pecker of yours shocked me I never seen one so gigantic before.

You have to give me a chance to suck that fucker. Sure I will give you another chance to suck my cock. I never suck on a honky pecker before in my life. I love popping me a black girls sweet cherry. I like to have my balls sucked on too Betty. Well here I go sucking on a damm set of fucking honky nuts. DAMM Betty you have a great tounge and you sure know how to suck on a guys balls. Suck the fuck out of them you horny bitch, you are very good at balls sucking. Keep sucking them if you suck them long enough you will be addicted to them.

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No bitch can swallow that fucker, I bet you are bull shitting me you got some nigger whore that can go balls deep on that thing. Well she can and now I get your ass finally after all these years.

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I am going to enjoy it so much Betty. I will make you into a anal loving whore. You will rip my tiny asshole in two and I like how my asshole is. Down on the carpet and spread your fucking ass cheeks you tight ass bitch. Here comes my giant white cock up your tight black asshole. I was going to lube you but since you called me a inbred fucker, I am going to fuck your shithole dry.

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Damm I love your tight virgin asshole it is so tight on my cock. I needed to draw back to get into you asshole even deeper. Now to fuck you even faster and harder now!!!!. He sure does he popped all my cherries and I am addicted to his big honky dick. The way he screws me is incredible I cant get enough of his giant honky dick.

I am his fucking nigger whore now and proud of it he is my master now. This content appeared first on new sex story. Well Uncle Jake I see you finally got into my moms poophole!!!!. Looks like she loves being fucked there. Well mom how does it feel to have thee greatest dick fucking you.

I seduced uncle Jake mom and I tricked Jasmine into fucking him too. We both love fucking him we are his whores now. There is nothing better than getting fucked by his giant white dick. Uncle Jake how is my moms poop hole my handsome lover????. Virgin tight my sweet baby or it was virgin tell I fucked it. My cock looks so natural being up your moms shithole. Now to fuck the shit out of her and fill her up with my hot cum.

I love fucking her tight little asshole, it feels great wrapped around my cock. I am going fuck her asshole every fucking day. Look Jasmine moms eyes are rolling back inside her head. This is so hot I have to rub my twat over this hot action.

Fuck her faster master fuck her faster, she wont get fucked by anyone else now. Our master has taken her, she is his whore now. I know Latisha he is fucking her brain out, my pussy is soaking wet too.

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You look very hot sweating the way you do. I will make sure I will fuck it just as good everyday that I fuck it today. Oh gawd I never been fucked that hard before in my life. This was a one time deal and you stay away from my baby too you sick bastard. Like hell mom I am going to marry Jake and you will be his property like Jasmine and I am now. We will get him any bitch he wants to fuck. The next bitch he wants is your lesbian girlfriend Ming. Sorry mom but my man wants her he gets the fucking gook bitch.

I think its time you spread your fucking legs for my man and get fucked like the white cock craving whore you are now mom. Now to get you on your back and eat you out my new slutty bitch. Now to eat your horny snatch and make you cum like the nasty bitch you are.

Sure thing my master anything you say your wish is my command. Come on lick me Ms Jackson my master wants you to eat me out. Oh yes Betty you have some very nice tits and its a pleasure fucking them. Oh master she sure knows how to lick my pussy so well.

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She is so deep in my pussy she has me so wet. FUCK she has me so close to cumming. Mom is so wet uncle Jake and your cum is still coming out her well fucked asshole. I have her close to cumming too oh yes she is cumming. Now Betty I am going to fuck your horny snatch but first you need to suck my cock clean. Oh Jake you are a animal I cant do that it was just up my dirty asshole. Very good now lay on your back and spread your sexy legs.

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