Looking for a playroom

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A little over a year ago we moved across the country. Then we spent 6-months in temporary housing. Once we finally found a house, we moved again.

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It was a really long year! One of the reasons we fell in love with our current home is that it has a bonus room right off the living-kitchen area. It is a smaller bonus room than the ones you sometimes see on the second level of some homes or a basement recreation room, but I thought it would be perfect for a family playroom that would grow with our son.

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I spent hours looking online at playroom ideas. What I really wanted for that space was a playroom my son would actually use year after year and that had good toy storage. My goal was to create a space that would be functional for creative play, homework, toy organization, and hanging out with friends. Looking for a play area for your baby that will fit right in your living room?

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Thank you for your support! My son was three when I deed this space. The older he gets he is now just turned 4 the more he des the tracks himself. For his interest in building things, I wanted to store bricks and blocks in a way that would be easy to organize and easy to find even those tiny pieces. Now those drawers hold bricks, blocks, cars, trucks, and other things. A s he grows, I imagine it will be taken over by school supplies, Legos, science kits, rock collections, model planes, and Erector sets.

In his preschool years, he is using this space for art projects, Lego projects, building cities, playdough, kinetic sand, puzzles, and so on. As he grows I imagine more complicated Lego and Art projects as well as homework happening at this desk. It works for my son now who is tall for his agebut I also think he has some room to grow into it. In a few of these pictures, you may see some crayon marks. There has been much worse on this table and a magic eraser has taken it all right off!

All of the components of this workspace are anchored. It is very sturdy. I have attached some images at the end of this post showing how the units are secured.

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See it here. I also love having a bright paint color and a colorful rug to anchor the room. This type of play will last until about the age of 11 1 and is well known to promote language and social development 2.

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This area of the playroom has evolved over the past few years. We started with a play kitchen and dress up hooks. We still have the hooks, but now they have superhero capes and the kitchen was replaced with this gorgeous Teepee. This, by far, the one thing my son plays with the most and it gets the most use on playdates. I was sent this gorgeous teepee from TeePee Joy to review all opinions are my own. This one replaced our old one as the favorite — because of the windows! The windows add so much potential for play.

They are well-made with sturdy, one-piece wooden dowels that hold up to all kinds of play. for my tips on encouraging creative and independent play. Building Area. Simple blocks provide another avenue of imaginative learning which includes problem-solving skills, practicing physics and divergent thinking 3.

See how I organize the Trofast drawers in my post on playroom organization. Nature Area.

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This is a way of connecting outdoor play to indoor play. The weatherboard I made from a piece of felt. He has a little watering can he uses to care for spidey. We also have a tray we use to put leaves, rocks, seed pods and other things my son picks up on nature walks. After our walks, we identify some of the things we saw and I print out coloring s of that animal or plant for his nature journal. As he grows I imagine the nature journal will include written entries and perhaps sketches.

Art and Music Area. We have a few instruments in one of the Trofast drawers that are appropriate for his age. We will have to wait and see where his interests take us. I keep our art supplies in a closet just off the playroom in easy to carry bins, aff links caddiesand trays.

We also have this art paper holder which I love— easy to get just the size paper you want. Art and music are timeless and will easily grow with your. Hang Out Area. Originally we had two places adults can sit comfortably, a chair and a pouf. The pouf is great because I move it over to the desk for art projects and to the train table for playtime— anywhere I need it. We have now replaced the big chair with a hammock swing similar to aff link this one. This is a great place to let off a little steam and is especially great for highly-spirited kids, kids with sensory issues, or any kids who find swinging relaxing.

It has become a place where my son self-regulates and resets often! We have this attached with a weight-bearing carabiner so we can take it down whenever we need more floor space. After having moved twice in a year it is so great to start feeling settled in our home.

Now if only I could come up with a clever solution for my office space…that will have to be the next project! The units are secured on both sides with a metal plate like this and the bottom units are secured to the wall. The second picture is how we secured the table top to the bottom shelves. As a mom and psychologist who spent over 15 years studying children's emotional development, I am excited to share science-backed tips and tools with you so that you can thrive as a parent. I know that good parenting is a combination of instincts and learning.

Sometimes new knowledge helps you trust your instincts, and sometimes it gives you a new perspective.


As we grow and learn, so do our. Here, at nurture and thrive, you'll find the tools you need to nurture your children's hearts and minds. Facebook Tweet Pin Shares 20k. Smith, E. Play on: Retrospective reports of the persistence of pretend play into middle childhood. Journal of Cognition and Development13 4 Lillard, A. Psychological Bulletin11. Category: Play Tag: child developmentplayplayroompreschoolerstoddlers.

Looking for a playroom

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