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However, hole saws have a well deserved reputation for being no fun to use. If the prospect of using one conjures memories of an ice pack on your wrist and the smell of burning wood, relax and read on.

Searching for the hole

Here are 14 tips to help ensure safe, successful cutting. Plus, lean how to choose the right hole saw for your project.

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Hole saws are often tasked with cutting through studs and joists, which are typically pine, spruce or Douglas fir. This buildup adds friction, slows cutting and increases heat. This excess heat causes the teeth to dull very quickly. Cleaning off the pitch after use greatly extends the life of hole saws. Or, do a quick search online to find plenty of homemade solutions.

These incredible tips from The Family Handyman readers and editors will help you complete your woodworking projects faster and better than ever before!

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So check out these 34 clever handy hints for your woodworking projects. Like any other cutting tool, a hole saw will get dull with use. Most manufacturers sell individual hole saws and arbors. Build your kit one saw at a time as needed, sticking with one brand so you can use the dedicated arbor for new hole saws.

Check out our Top 10 Woodworking Tips. A drill press ensures that the hole is straight and enables you to clamp the workpiece down securely. These cheap kits seem like a great deal, but you get what you pay for.

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The teeth dull very quickly and the saws are often shallow, limiting the thickness of the material you can drill through. Plus: Learn how to avoid tear-out with this super-simple hole saw tip. When possible, drill from both sides. This does two things. First, it helps prevent blowout. Start cutting from one side, stopping as soon as the pilot bit comes out the other side. Next, insert the pilot bit in the hole on the other side of the workpiece and finish the cut.

It can even yank the drill right out of your hand while the spinning drill handle crashes into anything in its path. An auxiliary handle lessens the chance of losing your grip. Whatever the material, slow is the way to go with hole saws. Cutting holes goes much faster if you slightly rock the drill in a circular motion so not all the teeth are cutting at once.

So it gets packed into the teeth, causing slow cutting, heat, burning and premature dulling. Drill clearance holes through the workpiece, just inside the kerf. Check them out.

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Looking for a hole to use

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