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This article is 3 years old. Fast forward a few years and Drewett is heading into her second year studying English at Jesus. Drewett spoke to Varsity about how the isolation and pressure she felt in her first year at Cambridge prompted her to set up the platform which, in just a few weeks of being active, is quickly on its way to members. I ask Drewett about her university experience so far.

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She is immediately and refreshingly honest. She goes on to explain in more detail the cause of her first year struggles. It was intimidating. This pressure can lead to social isolation, as Drewett herself found. Additionally, many Cambridge students report difficulty in making friends on their course, exacerbating feelings of isolation.

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This is particularly common for arts students, who lack the one-on-one peer interaction experienced by science students in labs. Low contact hours and large s mean the likelihood of sitting next to the same person repeatedly in lectures is low.

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And beyond freshers how many of us continue to introduce ourselves to the person sitting next to us? I was shocked to hear that I was not alone, which was encouraging at first but I was left saddened by the of students struggling to strike the correct balance or to fit in. Pressure to excel, coupled with social isolation is a deadly combination.


They exacerbate one another: working ceaselessly prevents socialising and being socially isolated can lead to a false impression that peers are cruising through academic work while you struggle to cope. Groups and platforms that connect students so they can support one another have an important role to play in alleviating this cycle. What prompted Drewett to act on her feelings of isolation was her discovery of Camfess, the anonymous confessions Facebook that revealed to her the of students experiencing the same emotions of isolation and stress as she was. I decided that something needed to be done to tackle the issue.

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Imposter syndrome is heightened for state school students. Drewett explains Cam Connect is what it says on the tin: an online platform through which students can connect with other students for advice, support and breaks from studying.

The platform is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for those looking to form more intercollegiate friendships, and Drewett notes that it has already begun to be successful, offering advice to international students who identified the lack of a Moroccan society at Cambridge. One hopes this is only the first of many future small successes for the online platform, that will snowball to contribute to a more inclusive and connected Cambridge.

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Lonely Cambridge women

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