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I mean, you might have a couple of favorite performers that you love to watch; but if you are anything like me, then you want to know all about the upcoming pornstars and see if they are worthy of your attention. A lot of girls enter the porn industry all the time, most of them are youngsters while quite a few of them are mature woman as well.

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Some succeed in making a name for themselves, while some still struggle to earn the recognition they deserve. This is one of the reasons why I have prepared this list featuring the sexiest new pornstars who made their debut last year. Unlike most of the lists you see on other sites, this list contains only those babes who made their debut in andand a few who made their debut by the ending of Also See: Best Brazzers Pornstars. At just 5 feet tall, Clara Trinity happens to be one of the tiniest pornstars in the industry at the moment, and also one of the skinniest!

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But after watching her perform, I had to let you all know about her! This blonde bombshell is a naturally-stacked beauty with a stunning and voluptuous body. Watch Charlotte Rayn on Brazzers.

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Harmony Rivers is without a doubt one of the best new pornstars this year, and you are going to love her if you are a fan of petite girls. Watch Harmony Rivers on Brazzers. Ryder Rey is gorgeous and someone who will make you beg for her attention, especially if you are into petite babes who know how to ride a hard cock! Watch Ryder Rey on Brazzers. She may be lacking a few inches in height, but she makes up for it with her love of getting a couple of inches deep down her throat and perfect pussy!

Watch Ava Sinclaire on Brazzers. Michelle Anderson is a sexy slut who can seduce any man, or any woman if that matters, with just a single glance. Watch Michelle Anderson on Brazzers. This gorgeous babe loves being naked, I mean I would too if I had a banging body like her, which is one of the reasons why she decided to make her porn debut! Nicole Kitt is one of the porn newcomers who are consistently working with the top studios in the industry, and taste-testing as many cocks and vaginas as possible.

Watch Nicole Kitt on Brazzers. Almost all of the young starlets in the industry are skinny, and Maya Woulfe is no exception! And after watching a couple of her scenes, I know that she absolutely loves being treated like a sex slave because of how submissive she is. Her petite body allows her partners to lift her up, push her to the wall and just fuck her in any way and in any position they want to!

Watch Maya Woulfe on RealityKings. This article is packed with young performers, but there are quite a few mature sluts as well among these new pornstars, Cali Caliente being one of them! This gorgeous ebony goddess made her debut last year and is now making her presence felt in the industry!

She is extremely skilled at sucking cocks, and she can use her stunning figure, her perfect titties and her gorgeous ass to make her partners beg for some attention! Watch Cali Caliente on RealityKings. They say that big things come in small packages, and Madi Collins is someone who fits that description perfectly!

This stunner is one of the shortest and the skinniest babes in the industry, but she is also the sluttiest, the sexiest and the kinkiest babes on this list. Madi is almost always horny and with her background as an exotic dancer, she has the skills to seduce guys she fancies in a matter of a few minutes.

The redhead starlet absolutely loves sucking huge cocks, she loves getting her cute butt spanked, and if you play with her perky nipples, bite them and squeeze them, she will return the favor by giving you the best orgasms of your life! Watch Madi Collins on RealityKings. I discovered this gorgeous woman while looking for the newest pornstars for this list, and I am so glad I spent the time to do the necessary research!

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Freya Parker, in my opinion, is probably the most gorgeous pornstars in this list; and quite possibly in the entire industry as well. Watch Freya Parker on RealityKings. Some guys might prefer to fuck girls with little to no sexual experience; but I am sure that most of us would love to be with an experienced woman who can shows us the ropes. Watch Crystal Taylor on RealityKings. This teenage babe loves being naked and is an exhibitionist who loves showing off her gorgeous naked body every chance she gets.

Mia Moore loves hardcore sex and is always on the lookout for partners who will bend her over, eat her pussy and bang her hard. So, watch this stunning performer with gorgeous titties, pierced nipplesand a big juicy ass, as she gets her fill of rough and intense sex all day long! Watch Mia Moore on Brazzers. This stunner is one of the best even among all the new pornstars mentioned on this list because she not only looks gorgeous, but is also extremely skilled at fucking!

She is extremely cute and adorable, but she is mostly paired with big guys with big dicks who take full advantage of her petite figure and her submissive attitude to pound her as hard as they can. Watch Tristan Summers on RealityKings. Agatha Vega loves big cocks in her ass, and she also loves BBC ramming her tight pussy, which is pretty evident by all the scenes this stunning beauty has done ever since her debut.

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Being blessed with a perfect figure, perky natural titties and an adorable face, plus a high sex drive that gives her the desire to deepthroat all kinds of cocks, makes this performer a dream for all men with working cocks!

Watch Agatha Vega on Brazzers. Among all the new pornstars featured in this article, Destiny Cruz happens to be one of the most versatile and most active as she has done several dozen scenes already for the top studios and fucked most of the top performers in the industry! Watch Destiny Cruz on Brazzers. Unlike most of newest pornstars on this list, Artemisia Love is not a youngster but a seductive MILF who happens to look extremely hot!

Watch Artemisia Love on Brazzers. The starlet always wanted to be a pornstar, not because she was always horny, but because she wanted to experience what it felt like getting fucked by two guys at once. But ever since her debut, she discovered just how fulfilling havign sex in front of a camera is; and now she just wants to have as much hardcore sex as she possibly can. So follow along as this tattooed slut hops from one dick to another and uses guys and girls to fulfill all her sexual fantasies! Watch Paisley Paige on Brazzers. Most of the youngsters who enter the porn industry are often petite and skinny, but there are certain exceptions like Kayley Gunner who have voluptuous bodies with thickness in all the right places!

Watch Kayley Gunner on Brazzers. Some guys love when their girls take control and get on top, while some guys prefer their girls to be submissive. Watch Gizelle Blanco on Brazzers. Watch Bailey Base on Brazzers. Mona Azar is one of the upcoming pornstars who is slowly gaining a foothold in the industry by giving one sexy scene after another! Her partners just love squeezing those tits and sucking on those perfect nipples, and they love getting their dicks sucked as this stunner knows how to use her lips and tongue to bring forth an explosion of cum within minutes!

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Making her debut inAzul Hermosa became known throughout the porn industry by giving us some of the hottest scene in the past couple of months! Watch Azul Hermosa on Brazzers. There are a couple of XXX stars that I absolutely love and watch all the time, and Maddy May happens to be one of them!

She used to be a stripper, then had a successful stint as a cam girl where she showed off her flawless body to her raving fans, and then she made her way to the porn industry. Watch Maddy May on RealityKings. Every time I see Alyx Star perform, I fall in love with her even more. Plus, she loves being touched and caressed and kissed all over that beautiful body of hers. Watch Alyx Star on Brazzers. Lily Larimar is young but sexually experienced, and can prove to be a memorable fuck even for the veteran performers who have been fucking babes for decades. Watch Lily Larimar on Brazzers.

Among the newest pornstars who made their debut in the industry last year, we have Alexia Anders who probably has the cutest smile with beautiful dimples! This Asian starlet has a stunning body with natural curves, her gorgeous ass is tight yet soft, and her big natural boobs are like icing on the cake! Watch Alexia Anders on RealityKings. I have no doubts when I say that Sia Lust is one of the cutest pornstars around, and she is someone who will make you want to break through your limits and fuck her multiple times in a single night.

She made her debut last year and has performed in over a dozen scenes for the top studios; and after watching some of her most popular scenes, I can say that she absolutely loves rough sex. Watch Sia Lust on Brazzers. Not only is she great at sucking cocks and riding them, but she is also equally skilled at licking, fingering and fucking other gorgeous girls. Watch Alina Ali on Brazzers. She may be one of the new pornstars in the industry, but she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful girls to make their porn debut. She has a perfect figure with gorgeous titties and an adorable smile, and she is ultra-horny who can take on the biggest of dicks and make them cum with ease.

Plus, this starlet is as smart as they come and as horny as you want your pornstar to be because she ended up in the industry even before she finished college! Having made her debut last year, this gorgeous babe is grabbing every opportunity thrown her way to fuck the best performers in the industry.

Watch Angel Youngs on Brazzers.

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