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Bliss is a boutique private practice located in uptown Waterloo with a specialization in providing effective couples therapy and the confidential treatment of sexual concerns. Sex therapy is a highly specialized and confidential form of treatment for anyone seeking fulfillment in their sexual lives.

Together, we create the opportunities to explore what is pleasurable and exciting while leaving you feeling confident in yourself, your relationship and your body. Sex therapy centred around intimate partners often intersects with relationship therapy and couples counselling.

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Learn more about Relationship Therapy. We work with couples, families and relationships of all configurations. Bliss is an inclusive practice that welcomes a diversity of relationship models, both those that fit into traditional norms and those that break the mould.

Sex Therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy or counselling using clinical skills to assess and treat non-medical factors that contribute to sexual issues.

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Physical and emotional difficulties in functioning can challenge our sexual expression. Working with a Certified Sexologist will help you to develop and enhance your sexual authenticity.

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Sex therapists assess performance anxiety, trauma, intimacy, sexual dysfunction, and sexual attitudes that may interfere with healthy sexuality. A sexologist may also evaluate potential relationship dynamics associated with sexual issues.

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By exploring the root of the issue with a therapist a treatment plan will be developed, which will empower you to take control. If you live in Waterloo, Kitchener, or Cambridge and you think Sex Therapy could help you, call or e-mail Bliss to book an appointment or a free consultation at or info blisscounselling.

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Bliss Counselling Sex Therapy. Sex Therapy Intimacy matters.

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Book An Appointment, Today. What is Sex Therapy? Treatment involves a range of therapeutic processes and exercises, which may include: Education and information around anatomy Erotic intelligence Sexual skills or techniques Sensate focus or play asments Understanding emotional factors Resolving personal conflicts.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(643) 224-5792 x 7709

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