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He has represented the husband of one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the licensing company behind the pizza rat viral video and a slew of clients that run afoul of liberal sensibilities — from drug makers and arms dealers to Walmart. Biden Jr. While Mr. Biden for the presidential nomination, they loomed as a potential liability once Mr. Biden added her to the ticket. Late last month, Mr.

It remains unclear whether Mr. Emhoff will continue to practice law in any capacity, but keeping a connection to a firm with a thriving Washington lobbying practice and offices in places like Moscow and Riyadh could prove problematic. Critics are already scouring his client rosters at DLA and a firm, which have included representations viewed suspiciously by progressive voters whom Democrats are relying on to help defeat President Trump.

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Working for clients who are entitled to legal representation is distinct from the type of conflicts of interest that have proliferated in Mr. Even so, if Mr. Emhoff maintains his DLA partnership or continues practicing law elsewhere, it could complicate efforts by Mr. Biden and Ms. During his decade as a lawyer at the corporate firm Venable, Mr. Painter, who served as chief White House ethics counsel during the George W. Bush administration.

The Biden-Harris campaign, in a statement, said Mr. Some of Mr. Alex M. Weingarten, a friend and former colleague, said Mr. Emhoff, 55, was raised in New Jersey, moving to Southern California with his family at age After graduating from law school at the University of Southern California, he got married and had two children, while building a legal career in Los Angeles.

Inhe co-founded a boutique law firm, which built a portfolio of clients ranging from car dealers to entertainment companies. Emhoff had connections to the entertainment industry, including through his first wife, Kerstin Emhoff, co-founder of the Los Angeles production company Prettybird.

Weingarten, whom Mr. Emhoff tried, unsuccessfully, to recruit to the boutique firm. But his friends said he wanted to be a part of something bigger, and he convinced his partners to sell the firm in to the corporate law giant Venable, which was looking to build a presence on the West Coast.

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Aaron H. Jacoby, one of Mr. He also recruited lawyers, and made a second run, this time successful, at Mr. Weingarten, who remains at Venable today. At Venable, Mr. Emhoff represented Willie Gault, the former Olympic sprinter and N. He was immersed in a multimillion dollar legal battle involving the Taco Bell Chihuahua. InMr. Emhoff met Ms. While friends say Mr. Within hours of Ms. Six days later, he ed Ms. Harris in Florida. As a political spouse, Mr. Emhoff has not been afraid to speak his mind.

Of Mr. Barr downplayed at a news conference last year Robert S. And when she challenged Mr. Biden for the presidential nomination last year, Mr. Emhoff was a liaison with fund-raisers in the legal community.

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But the prominence of Venable as a supporter was not without controversy. As California attorney general, Ms. Harris decided not to pursue an investigation of Herbalife, a nutritional supplements company accused of fraudulent practices, even though her San Diego regional office had sought an investigation inYahoo later reported.

Herbalife was represented by Venable, though not by Mr. Emhoff personally.

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Julie Contreras, an activist and pastor who has campaigned against Herbalife, said she was disappointed when she learned that Mr. Brendan J. Emhoff switched firms, becoming a partner at DLA Piper, and became d to practice in Washington. Other clients also have ificant stakes in federal government decision-making.

In the past, Mr. Emhoff has taken comfort in his practice, calling it something of a balm.

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Sarah Lyall contributed reporting and Sheelagh McNeill contributed reporting.

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