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Again, thanks for the suggestion. At least now it's on sex, sudoku, reading and cooking, quite under control. I would not just throw them in the room together. Maybe you could put one in the bathroom kitten and the other smell through the door and stuff Wife wants horny fucking women who love sex switch off after a day or so for a few minutes. That way they can smell eachother. Play with the kitten and try to pet the older cat at the same time after a couple of days. Yup kitten food is needed. I buy you a big bag if money is a problem.

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The kitten needs a vet too. I can give you some low cost resources too but I am kinda broke ya know. You can ask your vet tech friend too how to introduce the cats with minimal disruption. I am not saying there wont be hissing but the kitten won't be much of a threat and your older cat that after a bit.

Nushka might be able to give her of introducing a kitten and older cat. Japan's debt to GDP is phenomenal by anyone's standards, and yet they can still borrow. Why do you think we're in a worse place than them financially? But I'm to believe that we are, us, the "Greatest Country in the world" is always on the brink of financial collapse because of our debt? While the European Union looks to Germany for financial expertise, and Japan's government rejected austerity measures because of the stagnation it caused them in the nineties. Maybe they know something we don't?

Or maybe I'm missing something, but the claim that our debt is always on the verge of causing a government collapse here doesn't ring true.

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Fix the problems, and you fix the result, not the other way around. And building tanks no one wants, approving the Keystone pipeline, or expanding our ginormous Military Industrialized complex to the detriment of Americans, and our economy are not job bills. Remember that Healthcare reform was a bipartisan issue. Everyone agreed that the nation couldn't continue to pay for the uninsured the way we were. And to be clear, the insured, and those of us who pay taxes were already paying for the uninsured. And the Dems capitulated their single payer, and their public option ideas for what the Repubs wanted, which was Romney care.

Problem with it was that when Dems agreed to it suddenly the Republicans didn't want their own plan, but they didn't offer any other solutions or options either. So perhaps if someone's premiums are going up, maybe they weren't paying their fair share before, I don't know.

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