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Rodger had dreamt his entire life of going to Alaska and bagging himself a big moose, or maybe even a mouton goat, with a full curl. He had saved for this adventure for over twenty years, it was one of the few selfish things he had allowed himself to indulge in. Roger had been happily married to a beautiful woman named Amanda. They married early, raising two kids; Jesse who was a nineteen-year-old college sophomore, and Lora, an eighteen-year-old freshman in the same college as her brother.

Though he knew it was mostly his own fault, as he had not gone to college himself. Instead, he went straight to work after high school and married his high school sweetheart. Without a degree, he failed at achieving a high paying job and had to live a fair but lower-middle-class lifestyle. It added up over the years, and he was overjoyed when Amanda brought home a brochure for an Alaskan hunting experience that they would finally be able to afford for their twentieth anniversary.

Amanda knew nothing of the funds he had saved over the years and decided to apply for a credit card to pay for it. It was only after she was approved that she told her loving husband about the trip. When Roger found out about this, he knew a credit card was the last thing they needed — so he broke the news about his savings. But overall, she was excited with the knowledge that he had enough money saved to take them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Rodger remembered celebrating for hours that night in their bed, he thought about how he was fucking her until she passed out from the pleasure.

This night was different. Amanda stood at five feet and four inches tall, weighing in at around pounds. Most of her weight went to her breasts that she had used to feed both of their children, and Rodger too. She also had a nice round ass that was a great turn on to her loyal husband — now her legs, however, were spectacular and most likely her best asset. Rodger had never cheated on her, or her on him.

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They had been completely faithful to one another for the twenty years they had been together. Rodger was in love with her as much today as when they first met. The countdown to hunting season was long and tedious.


Rodger had pre-paid for everything using his savings and left the credit card open for a rainy day. He was expecting to go on this adventure himself, as his wife was not the outdoorsy type.

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She preferred to spend the day in the house cleaning, cooking and losing herself reading a good book — then going outside to watch the sunset. However, she surprised Rodger when she booked the trip for two persons, and she had promised to come along though she assured Rodger that she would not do any of the hunting. She made him promise that she would not have to look at any of the murdered animals. Rodger laughed before he eagerly agreed and made the promise. Truthfully, he was in a state of euphoria knowing she was coming with him.

He had already started to miss their kids, Jesse and Lorie. However, he was still in a state of excitement knowing he would soon have his dream of seeing Alaska come to life. The eleven-hour and fifty-five-minute flight to Juneau was both long and boring in comparison to his excitement to land. When they finally landed In Juneau Alaska, Rodger just wanted to run out of the airport — he was going to welcome the motel room and especially the bed. After a good long rest and satisfying breakfast, they took a cab to a small airport on the outskirts of Juneau.

There, they met their bush pilot Ray Davidson. He took them to show off his DE Havilland Beaver. She was about to freak out as the plane sat on skies, not wheels. Ray soothed her panic by reassuring them just how much time he had as a pilot and that the hunting lodge up north had nowhere to land with wheels.

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Rodger thought it would be exciting to start their adventure with something new and fun. So, they climbed aboard the Beaver and buckled in tightly. It was very cold that day and every day they were there, so they took some good advice and dressed appropriately, each wearing thermal undershirts. The flight was a little longer than they had expected, and it was very beautiful watching the tundra below with misty mountains in the distance.

They spotted a herd of Carabao and Ray descended for a better look. The trip probably could have been a lot shorter, but Ray loved showing them some of the most spectacular sights they had ever seen. Rodger and Amanda had heets on so they could talk to each other as the engine and wind noise of the Beaver was so loud.

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Amanda held on to her husband very tightly, she was enjoying the ride as much as her husband but was still very nervous. Ray told them that the lodge was ahead, and he was going to bring them in for a landing. It made for a great cushioned place to set the plane down. Ray and a couple of other men, Doug Hill and Mike Train, unloaded a boatload of supplies from the aircraft. Neither Rodger nor Amanda could believe how much stuff was on the plane with them.

Then the owner of the lodge, Mr. Calloway, came out and introduced himself to them. Roger thought it a bit offensive, but in his studies of Alaska throughout all the years of dreaming, he had found that the men outed the women, fifteen to one. Other things he had discovered about Alaska was that the former statistic had caused prostitution to be legalized, and a large percentage of the women both married and single, made extra money doing favors for needy men.

He was told that married and single women both practiced in this and Alaska was very quietly known as the cuckold capital of the world. Before the trip, Rodger had made sure Amanda knew that she would be asked while they were there to service strange men for money. He even told her she may be asked right in front of him. She took the money stashed it quickly into her handbag and began to undress.

She stopped him only taking time to insert her diaphragm in the bathroom, then she quickly returned. But she was more turned on now than she could ever remember as she began to remove her top and bra at the same time. Rodger pushed Amanda into the bed and began to grope her tits roughly. He slapped them and squeezed them, rubbing his big hands over her hard nipples. He started to suck on her nipples, even the areolas were stiff as a board. He sucked hard; the sound of the sucking could have been heard from a distance. Amanda moaned in pleasure as her husband took her and used her.

He had paid for the privilege of her body the way he wanted it. She was more turned on taen ever before as she felt him grope her breasts roughly and suck the nipples into his mouth, sending extreme waves of pleasure to her pussy. He had never been that dominating. He had always been gentle and kind-hearted to her in bed; they made love. He never took, he just shared himself with her — but today was completely different. She felt out of control as he started to maneuver her to spread her legs wide so he would have access to her pussy.

Amanda knew he paid for the privilege, so she opened them willingly, allowing her sex to be at his disposal. She had never been promiscuous at all. She was rather shy and one could easily call her a prude far more accurately than a slut. This tight pussy is bought and paid for. Now use it and fuck it good! The side effect of her words was that they turned Rodger on too, so much so that he released into her unexpectedly and harder than he could ever remember cumming before. He had never heard her so aggressively turned on before. They were both taken to their room with their baggage to unpack, and they were told that dinner would be at five o clock in the evening.

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They could get something to eat almost twenty-four seven, the kitchen had deliberate times to eat. It was a small lodge and only accommodated eight persons at a time. That was part of the reason it was so costly.

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The owner of the lodge, Mr. Calloway, took care of the rooms and helped cook. He only had two hired hands, and one guide, Brandon Curtis. At dinner the first night, Rodger asked about the other hunters and was told that all six of the other hunters canceled at the last minute because of the impending storm.

A large storm was indeed heading in their direction. Even with the storm though, both Mr. Calloway and Brandon the hunting guide assured Rodger that they would see moose, but they would have to go on short trips.

The daylight in Alaska that time of year was very short-lived.

Hotwives in Alaska

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