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Institutional Trading Work at Maven. Maven is a leading market maker and proprietary trading firm. Unified ambition, meticulous risk management and a focus on advanced technology enable us to rapidly succeed in a highly competitive industry. Our beliefs translate into authentic values that are the foundations for creative thought and innovation whilst encouraging fair and orderly market participation.

They are the cornerstone of how we aspire to be, and what we look for in future Mavenites. As a Trader intern, you will complete a training program run by our traders, including mock trading, project work and programming courses. Throughout the internship you will be exposed to our market making desks whilst having the opportunity to get to know us at our regular social events.

At the end of the internship, you will be considered for a place on our Graduate Trader Program.

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As a Trader intern, you will complete a 9 week training program run by our traders, including mock trading, project work and programming courses. Throughout the internship you will be exposed to both our market making and investment desks whilst having the opportunity to get to know us at our regular social events. We are looking for penultimate year applicants from any quantitative background with a competitive nature and a strong understanding of probability and statistics to our team for the summer.

Unleash your potential as a software engineer and attain exceptional developer skills. We are looking for final year applicants from any STEM background with a particular interest in high performance programming to our Graduate Technology Program. As a Trader Graduate, you will complete an intensive month training program run by our most talented traders, including theory training, education sessions, mock trading, project work and programming courses.

We will teach you the skills to trade with the latest available tools. You will rotate through a of desks before you find your ideal team, and we aim to give you responsibility for the profit and loss of your book as soon as you are ready.

We are looking for final year applicants from any quantitative background with a competitive nature and a strong understanding of probability and statistics to our Graduate Trader Program. As a Maven Graduate you will complete an intensive training program in ing and finance.

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You will rotate through a series of roles with a view to understanding every aspect of the finance function: management ing, statutory reporting, operational finance, regulatory reporting and treasury. We aim to provide you with a solid training in the fundamentals of ing and finance in year one. You will build on this foundation in years two and three and have exposure to the global business from day one allowing you to make an impact as soon as you are ready.

You will also receive mentorship and coaching throughout the graduate program to set you up for success. Our Operations team is at the very centre of trading and technology, managing the primary control framework supporting all the forward looking elements of the business.

Taking the driving seat for selecting and developing processes and technology, you will meet the ever-changing needs of traders, strategies and ideas. We are looking for candidates who know how to think on their feet, can analyse complex situations and prioritize under pressure. Practical experience with SQL or Python is required. We are consistently ranked within the top three liquidity providers on the exchanges and markets in which we are mature. Our Portfolio Managers execute a global range of diversified strategies, seeking substantial returns on the invested capital. Our ambition is to maintain our position as a market leading multi-strategy trading desk.

Our approach to trading is scientific and technology driven. Tight integration between trading and software development and relying on cutting edge infrastructure is core to our success. To effectively support a rapidly expanding business across multiple sites and jurisdictions, our Business Operations teams provide industry leading advice and support enabling the business to nimbly scale and capture new opportunities.

The Group firmly condemns modern slavery and human trafficking and acknowledges the importance of complying with the Act. The Group always operates in accordance with its core values. We are committed to act with integrity and fairness in all our business dealings and relationships and to implement and enforce effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our own businesses or within those of our suppliers.

The Group specialises in proprietary trading and market making in the financial sector and therefore, considers the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking within its supply chain to be low. However, the Group is aware that modern slavery and human trafficking can happen in any sector of activity.

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The Whistleblowing Policy outlines the procedure for employees to report suspected wrongdoings anonymously to the Group or directly to the FCA, including modern slavery and human trafficking. The Group is also proud to actively promote human rights through its engagement with charities.

During the last financial year, the Group did not implement specific new steps to assess and manage the risk of slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chain. This statement has been approved by the relevant Boards of Directors. A key part of our role is to ensure any errors or issues from the prior day are resolved or explained as soon as possible.

We can also receive manual trade bookings that need to be booked before the open. I enjoy working with the Front Office closely. In busy periods it can be very fulfilling prioritising issues and helping different desks at the same time. We receive a variety of queries that can be very time sensitive. We speak to our team in Hong Kong and discuss any issues that may need to be handed over.

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Due to the variety of different trading strategies Maven employs, as a team, we have exposure to a wide array of asset classes and products. We get to see the life cycle of a trade from start to finish. Requests here can be related to system improvements, PnL issues, margin and money movements or set ups. Both Maven offices are in good locations. We also have several reports to send to the wider company which need to be as accurate as possible.

The European open, US open and European close are probably are busiest parts of the day. These can include developmental work or new er related tasks. As Maven is constantly exploring opportunities in new areas, this is another learning point. Traders will want to make sure that their daily wrap PnL is correct and there is nothing outstanding that could cause problems in the future. We have a variety of daily processes that we need to check, so our brokers and prime brokers receive correct trade related information.

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Commute from desk to sofa. I really enjoy being able to trade collaboratively with other traders from across the globe. I also finish setting up the rest of the products by ensuring all our tools and systems are working properly.

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This meeting has been a new development since we started working from home and helps keep everyone in touch and informed. This is usually the busiest part of the day with lots of opportunities available so I pay extra attention to our trades and quoted prices.

This is also a good time for me to work on any coding projects I have. However, I am always prepared for the market to pick up again and communicate with my colleagues via Zoom whenever I feel we need to make changes to our setup. In the office we would normally order food so working from home has forced me to improve my cooking skills.

I also do some stretching which helps me stay relaxed and focused. I send a summary of the day to the other traders and discuss with my team what changes we can make to our setup to improve our performance. This Recruitment Privacy Notice explains the type of information we process, why we are processing it and how that processing may affect you. We may transfer your personal data outside the EEA to members of our group.

Where necessary these transfers are covered by the intra-group transfer agreement and model clauses. It includes not only facts about you, but also intentions and opinions about you. For example, it includes collecting it, holding it, disclosing it and deleting it. We process your data for the purposes of fulfilling our recruitment practices.

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Some of the personal data that we process about you comes from you. For example, you tell us your contact details. Other personal data about you is generated from references and third party companies such as recruitment agencies. Your personal data will be seen internally by managers, administrators and HR. If you are successful in your application your data will be kept on your personnel file. If you are unsuccessful, your data will normally be destroyed twenty-four months after you have been informed that you were unsuccessful.

We may transfer your personal data outside the EEA to members of our group and other processors who provide us services in connection with the recruitment process. In processing your personal data, we act as a data controller. Our contact details are as follows:. Dataprivacy mavensecurities. Under data protection law, there are various grounds on which we can rely when processing your personal data.

In some contexts more than one ground applies. We have summarised certain grounds as Legal obligation and Legitimate Interests and outline what those terms mean below. Ground for processing — Processing necessary for performance of a contract with you or to take steps at your request to enter a contract. Explanation — This covers carrying out our contractual duties and exercising our contractual rights.

Hong kong sex phone chat

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