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The U. He was taken that night to University Hospital in Newark, the closest trauma center to the jail, where he died 11 a. Thursday, Puglisi said.

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Herman was arrested last year at an airport in the Virgin Islands on a charge of attempting to transport a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. In March, Herman pleaded not guilty after being indicted.

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Lawyers were in discussion for months on a possible plea agreement with the start of trial scheduled to begin July 28, according to court documents. The federal sting began with an undercover investigator from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office pretending to be a mother and girl online and communicating with Herman on a sexually explicit website. Herman allegedly wrote under the handle, David, and said he was "interested in other incest families, mothers who are involved with their children and all extreme or unusual family relationships.

His lawyer told The Journal News last year that Herman had made up the profile and was trying to hook up with the mother and not the .

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Federal officials said Herman had promised the woman he would not hurt the girl but might have to be "forceful" and that "age 6 is the perfect time to start her being loved that way. A spokeswoman for the U. Herman was a pioneering rock disc jockey in the late s and s, when he began experimenting with free-form rock music programming, something that was novel at the time on FM radio, according to Paul Heine, a senior editor at Inside Radio, an industry trade publication.

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Herman lived primarily in St. Facebook Twitter. DJ legend Dave Herman dies awaiting sex charges trial. Journal News. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Hermann sex girl

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