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It's the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about, and it's happening right here. So what is sex trafficking, how is it done, and who are these young girls being snatched up? Sex trafficking is basically prostitution at a much younger age. Pre-teen girls are being targeted and put into situations they feel is impossible to get out of. None of it happens without the demand of those wanting to have sex with young children.

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So who are these people? Who are the consumers?

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They're teachers, pastors, cops, judges, and pretty much anyone in between. These are so-called normal members of our society that have very abnormal, sick private lives.

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Here's how it usually works. Traffickers target young people, usually pre-teens by looking through social media sites and striking up conversations. They then look for something to bond over and eventually gain the trust of these.

Promises are made about modeling, acting, or something exciting that sparks the interest of these. Eventually the traffickers gains psychological control and use fear and threats to keep the children from going anywhere. Once the child is isolated and away from family and friends, the trafficking begins.

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Sick right? And yes, it's happening right here in Idaho.

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Right here in the Boise area. It's happening everywhere. Sex trafficking is a billion dollar business that's becoming an epidemic. These kids are slaves, and the mental, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse they endure will haunt them forever.

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There's a million stories out there. Each a little different and each with similarities of what you as a parent may be going through at home with your children. I just read a story about a year-old girl named Carol who was drawn in by the promise of a life with no parents, no rules, and complete freedom.

Little did Carol know, every ounce of freedom she had was about to be shattered and her only focus would be survival and she even started having thoughts of suicide. I'm not sure there's a point to this blog other than raising awareness to what's happening and yes, what's happening right here in our backyard to your neighbors, friends, and even you.

Please take the time to get to know your children, love them, and be aware.

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Think the worst and hope for the best. I know it's not ideal but it's the world we live in and you are their main source of hope.

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Girls for sex Boise

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