Chit chat the night away

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Chit Chats has been helping businesses grow since Hear our clients share their story and how Chit Chats has transformed their business. Want to share your story with us? Get in touch. People don't like to spend a lot for shipping As soon as it gets above a certain threshold, that's a deal breaker. When we discovered Chit Chats, it quite literally changed the game. Before Chit Chats I was using the postal service. I just did this test run for one or two orders.

I realized how expensive it was. My friend told me don't even use them, use Chit Chats. It was almost half price in savings.

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They [Chit Chats] saved my business. I don't know how else to explain it. Chit Chats is an integral part of my business. We were able to offer flat rate shipping and that was really great for our U. Don't think about it, go ahead and up today. Chit Chats is the best thing that happened to us. Being a MOM-preneur and trying to balance life with business, time is of the ultimate essence for me.

If you really want to save time, just for a second, listen to me and try Chit Chats at least once. I think people just don't know Chit Chats exists, it seems too good to be true. That's a win-win. When we started with Chit Chats, we saw a big change in our business. Our customers were not hesitating any more. We realized shipping is a big factor on our sales. I can definitely say Chit Chats has been the best option for my business.

Being able to tell the customer you will get it in 3 days and oh by the way, here is your tracking The costs have gone down ificantly and shipping times have gotten faster, which is a little unimaginable almost. Chit Chats was introduced to me by a friend online who was telling me how great Chit Chats was Let me tell you, Chit Chats is fantastic and it will change your business, it will make it grow Our sales doubled a week after we started using Chit Chats Service professionnel et courtois.

Ils sont toujours disponible pour donner de l'information sur les envoies. This was the first location I used to drop off my shipments almost 5 years ago The staff are always super friendly and accommodating with any inquires we may have. But I also love the fact this Mississauga location is open on Sundays! Furthermore, they are open at 9am Sunday which is absolutely a bonus, considering I am an early bird and like to get my chores completed first thing in the morning.

This is by far the best of all the Chit Chats locations. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The Chit Chats system is a great time saver and has been extremely helpful during the pandemic. There is plenty of parking available and transit is close and accessible. The staff here has been more than helpful when I needed it and that is a reason alone to only come here.

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I have used most of the Chit Chats locations and this is by far the best! Highly Recommend. I absolutely love this Chit Chats location. Not only is it so convenient to access, but the service is impeccable. They are quick to respond, are extremely helpful and the staff will go that extra mile to make sure your packages are sent fast and safely. This new local Richmond Hill Chit Chat branch has saved me so much time and energy.

The staff always greet me when I enter, and are eager to help with any issues I may have.

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Amazing service! I've only had good experiences with Chit Chats as a company in general and with this branch in particular. The service has always been great, with attention to detail and they have always taken the time to answer my questions and help me understand the service, the process, its advantages and caveats. Awesome branch with amazing service! I had a major issue that I had created and it seemed that there was no way to fix it. Lana saved my toosh. I went from full on panic to everything being ok! She made the impossible happen! She also was extremely helpful and thorough through our s.

Walked me through everything I need to do and was very clear. This company is so much better than the typical postal service. They have continued to impress me. I now use them for all of my shipping needs and I am thankful to have them! Great price for the service and very fast my customers are always very impressed with how fast they receive the product.

Very friendly and quick service. Just go in, drop off your packages and leave. If you ship to the US you will be amazed how much this will save you. Often half the price of Canada Post! This service makes selling from Canada possible! Its a savior for small businesses who needs International shipping service. Very professional and Helpful Staff, Quick at understanding your issue.

The only way to ship for any small business! Fast easy and reliable, and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful! Highly recommend! Friendly, prompt service. No contact drop during covid made us feel OK dropping of shipments. When deliveries not made on time - chit chats jumped on it and resolved quickly, to our satisfaction!

Great service at this location. We have saved so much on our shipping costs. Love this service. Very cost effective, fast and reliable to send packages everywhere in the world. People like to complain in reviews but if you want to save money on shipping and not have to waste your time doing it, this is a great option. It's bare bones and no hassle, thats why it's cheap. Service is there when you need it but once setup you're good to go on your own.

My only issue is no drop off locations in the West Island. Excellent rates especially to the states and really quick shipment delivery. Also the staff are great and friendly and the drop off is convenient. Chitchats has been amazing for my business, best rates and quick shipping.

My customers are always happy with how fast it arrives and I'm happy with the lower cost to the US. The staff here are very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend using their services. Mark in your Vancouver depot Was super helpful! I found the -up process somewhat complicated and he walked through it with me every step of the way!

Thank you, Mark. Great company! Excellent rates for shipping, especially USPS. Easy drop-off style and lots of parking. Can get busy but usually not an issue as everyone moves quickly. Thank you Chit Chats for helping small local shops deliver in this online world.

Super nice service and easy process for contactless drop and go. So glad chit chats made it to Ottawa! Great affordable prices to ship to US, the staff are also very friendly, and has great customer service! The items ship so quickly to the US as well, Im shocked how quick it arrived to the destination.

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The website for chit chats is very user-friendly as well. I much prefer Chit-chat's service over Canada post. Can't say enough good things about this company and its wonderful staff. I've been using their services for years now and they have always delivered highly dependable, friendly and affordable service. Thank you, Chit Chats! Don't know what I'd do without you! So happy about this location Such a great option on lower cost shipping!! Quick and easy!! The worked was really kind too! Thank you so much! I have been using this service for 2 years now, have recommended many friends to Chit Chats.

Very reliable, excellent in store staff here in Pickering. Amazing rates and great service.

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Always responsive, and welcoming upon every visit! I enjoy the environment here. Great low cost international shipping. They've helped me out with my books getting to the places they need to be. This place is a financial lifesaver for small businesses. The new Adelaide location is a simple drop off. Though there is no parking, the front of the building is open and it is no trouble idling for 30 seconds as you drop off your materials. Better location than before! Truly a lifesaver for people shipping small packages out of Canada!!

Drop offs are super quick and easy with convenient hours. I'be been using your service for over a year and I love it, fast and prices are the best. Please consider opening a Downtown Vancouver drop off station!

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Chit chat the night away

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