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That personal computer your kid got for Christmas may be more educational than you think. Animated nudes, sexy bulletin boards and files filled with dirty jokes are now accessable to most PCs. In recent years more sexually oriented materials have been showing up for home computers--some on floppy disks with X-rated artwork and games, and others accessed by phone lines from electronic bulletin boards. Usually operated by computer aficionados out of their homes, the boards can provide off-color jokes, adult pictures, formats for trading sexual messages and dating services.

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All this, just by dialing up the right s. While declining to mention specific cases, Showers said pedophiles now use floppy disks and electronic bulletin boards to send messages and pictures with child pornography from computer to computer.

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Many computer porn materials do not exploit children, but bring content already available by telephone, magazines, movies or videos into the high-tech age. Besides a message board where long-distance lovers can leave notes for each other, the Affection Connection offers games, computer utilities, listings of computer equipment for sale and sexually oriented pictures.

People send them to me. The computer art is created by electronically scanning magazine photos and by generating original drawings, some of them animated. They are sent to computer bulletin boards via phone lines to be included for viewing and future use.

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Adult materials carry warning messages and Woods said he phones potential users before allowing access to ensure that they are older than Some bulletin boards offer a free look around the system to help computer buffs decide whether they want to pay the access charge. In a random test for the Associated Press, the Adult Entertainment Directory of another Southern California bulletin board was accessed by simply dialing the board from a computer modem.

Once a feature was chosen for the AP random test, nude stills, animated pictures of couples making love, files of crude jokes, adult games and a nude picture of an actress appeared on the computer screen. From there, they could be printed out on paper or moved to storage on floppy disks for future playback.

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Computer pornography programs are also available from mail-order software outlets. Some outlets warn purchasers that they must be over 18 to order adult materials. Pornographic software includes comic strip-type stories that start with a still drawing, then move to animated pictures of people having sex with animals or performing unusual sexual acts with each other.

Computer pornography is so new that legal issues, such as how computer communication is covered by First Amendment protections of free speech and press, have yet to be resolved, legal experts say.

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But it is not clear if the same rules apply to the telephone lines used for computer communication. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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Chatsworth CA adult personals

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