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Cambridge and Online Phone or Video Call.

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I work with a wide range of male and female sexual difficulties, including:. If you are interested in enhancing your sexual confidence and fitness and keen on improving the quality of your sex life and intimacy, therapy has much to offer. Working together, we start with a comprehensive review of your entire life with a focus on sex and relationships Sexual Life Story Interviewing.

We then identify challenges to and opportunities for development and growth, and, finally, work towards maximising the quality of your sexual and intimate life. If you feel your sexual behaviour has become out of control and interferes with your life, it may be a of sexual addiction. s of sexual addiction may include:.

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I can support you in these situations, helping you to make the changes that you desire. Hello, I am Dr Ali Taba.

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I am a Cambridge-graduate medical doctor and psychotherapist, specialising in sex and relationship therapy. I run Cambridge Sex Therapy Clinic. Initially trained and practised as a medical doctor, I specialised in sexual and relationship psychotherapy and graduated from the ESSM Oxford Sexual Medicine Programme, before becoming a researcher at Cambridge University and obtaining a PhD. I take into your medical history, factor in your background, specific circumstances and family situations, and work therapeutically with you to achieve your goals. I have worked as a clinician for more than 16 years in the UK and overseas in various settings including the NHS and Relate.

I have assessed and treated a wide range of male and female sexual and relationship difficulties in individuals and couples. I am very easy to talk to, and you will feel comfortable and safe working with me. Contact me and I am committed to responding in less than 12 hours. Engage with me in therapy and you will have my unconditional professional support throughout.

It is my al that I am sensitive about minorities, diversity and inclusion; and I may have had some experiences on the other side of the word and may have some interesting intercontinental insights about sex, relationships, and love!

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I usually suggest we first book a FREE Consultation to discuss your problem and goals, and to decide if we are a good fit to work together. Your inquiry will usually be responded to in less than 12 hours. Each therapy session is up to 45 minutes.

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There is a discount for multiple-session bookings. Cambridge Sex Therapy Clinic. How long is each session?

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How many sessions do I need? It depends; on average 5 to 10 sessions for most individuals. Couples may need more. How do I book my first session?. Close this window to find out more from the website, or click on the link below for a FREE consultation. Home About.

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For Professionals. For Professionals Consultation Referrals. Click for a Free Consultation. for more Ideas. I work with a wide range of male and female sexual difficulties, including: sexual anxiety and confidence issues sexual dissatisfaction low desire for sex — desire mismatch erectile problems premature ejaculation delayed or inhibited ejaculation orgasm difficulties in women vaginismus and sexual pain sexual identity issues.

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Click for a free consultation. s of sexual addiction may include: compulsive masturbation multiple affairs or one-night stands consistent use of pornography, phone sex or sexting constant use of sex workers obsessive dating through personal I can support you in these situations, helping you to make the changes that you desire. Dr Ali Taba. Book an Appointment. Message me on WhatsApp.

Cambridge sex partner

email: [email protected] - phone:(486) 310-9478 x 2079

Dr Ali Taba – Senior Accredited Specialist in Sex and Relationship Therapy