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It's all over again!

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On April 22, an episode of the No Jumper podcast went live, where host Adam 22 interviewed four women who call themselves The Blackout Girls. During the interview, one of the women, Hayden, turned to her friend, Sidney, and asked the question: "How was Tristan Thompson's d-ck?

Another of the group being interviewed asked Sidney when the pair first got together, and she revealed in "either January and February of ", adding she decided to call things off after discovering Thompson was still with Kardashian.

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Her second post was about surrounding yourself with positivity. Your environment has a direct impact on your life, so be intentional with it.


Surround yourself only with people who contribute to your growth and expansion. All energy is contagious," the quote read. In Apriljust mere days before Kardashian was due to give birth to her and Thompson's first child, allegations arose that the NBA player was caught cheating. In videos released online, CCTV footage at a bar in Manhattan saw Thompson intimately speaking with another woman, followed by footage of the pair entering a hotel together at 5 a.

The pair decided to remain a couple following the arrival of their daughter, True, until Februarywhen allegations claimed Thompson had cheated on Kardashian with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods. Flash forward to Julyand Kardashian and Thompson seemingly confirm they're back together with a sweet selfie alongside their daughter.

The pair have remained fairly tight-lipped about their relationship in the months since, in attempts to hide away from public scrutiny. Neither Thompson or Kardashian have made a public comment about the most recent allegations.

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Khloe Kardashian confirmed that Tristan Thompson cheated on her multiple times. Here's a complete timeline of all the infidelity accusations against him.