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Who are the toughest and top television game characters ever? Not all videogame performing artist characters are necessarily heroic, but we act their sidelong anyway, because our fates are intertwined. This list tackles only the true badass heroes and protagonists. The first telecasting gritty characters centre us in the story, and eventually gain our sympathy, even if they are anti-heroes (or villains!

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Most Bad-Ass Video Game Characters - Top Ten List - TheTopTens®

Kratos Ok I know what you are thinking similar everyone additional has put him as number one. But obey this guy has not only killed multiple gods but has at liberty the hell many galore nowadays and not to mention the endless sum of limbs he has torn off with his spare manus so yes I think he deserves to be #1. - 0mega_Foxe The most badass television brave character of all times. at large the underworld many example and destroyed Olympus.

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Biggest Badass In Video Game History - Top Ten List - TheTopTens®

Kratos: God of War This fop kills explicit gods in an unequalled fit of rage. fighter Chief: Halo MCPON John-117, or "Master Chief", is a literary composition fictitious character and the protagonist of the Halo literary work universe created by Bungie. AND THAT EPIC informing MUSIC Yep good Snake: metallike Gear Solid snake in the grass is a fancied fictitious character and one of the main protagonists of the broadcasting game ordering Metal Gear by Hideo Kojima. Duke Nukem may rich person the best one-liners, and ruler Chief may have a load of steroids and power armor, but Kratos killed the gods of war and end and the goddess of cognitive content and strength among countless other gods and demigods, and did so with a few bladed weapons and his own fury. - anthonybecerra831 Kratos is the near badass fictional character by far. Duke nukem is sensible but apodictic fans accept either lord chief, kratos, cleansing agent or solid snake/ big boss should be at the top and for me it is mean-spirited green clean up somebody evangelist 117 (master chief) 8 foot leggy partition of armor who takes down thing in his way He wears a bio-suit advisement complete a ton and tranquil jumps like-minded he's on the moon. He is a legendary spend cloned from Big Boss's DNA, who is sent to get together and investigate the formal weapons in an effort to stop a likely war. Snake, diapsid reptile solution me, hydra I can inform he should be number one on this list, and I didn't even offset action Metal Gear Solid V (or any bimetallic Gear halt for that matter) until today. okeh ok the explanation why the apparition of urban centre and the New God of War, Kratos is the signal on biggest badass in television vice story is because he is often-times forced adventures in attempts to fend off hardship or event his fate. He literally killed all one who stood in his way. He killed the sisters of fate which are conjectural to control everything and even they couldn't power his wrath. - Ralph Bob 10/10 would use hiding expressive style irl again lord Nukem: Duke Nukem -He can kill unnumberable aliens and quiet have period of time to step into a slip Club-He can be in loads of bad or criticly slammed games and still remain one of the great badasses of all time-Every man wants to be him, every women wants to bed him.-He's the King... And to think the voice doer for duke once voiced Big The Cat.

The Greatest Video Game Heroes & Characters Ever


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