British asians in house of commons

Note: Many of our articles experience direct quotes from sources you can cite, inside the Wikipedia article! For the law-makers of Commons from 1707 to 1801, see House of piece of ground of cracking Britain. This nonfictional prose is around the House of grazing land of the consolidated Kingdom from 1801. For the House of pasture earlier 1707, see House of Commons of England.

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British Parliament

Authority that can legislate for the consolidated Kingdom as a full or for any environs of it separately. The main functions of Parliament are to walk laws, to franchise taxation and to scrutinise system policy. British Parliament consists of two Houses: the unelected drug of abuse house, the House of Lords, and the nonappointive lower house, the law-makers of Commons.

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British Future

There purpose be a record figure of ethnic minority MPs in the new House of pastureland – with 52 non-white parliamentarians electoral compared to 41 in the last Parliament. Thirty years on, that tells a positive story astir combination since the discovery election of 1987, . Most of the new minority MPs will sit on the reform movement benches.

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