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Answering the questions and telling the stories of why we all love professional wrestling and the WWE. You might have said or thought that about someone who cares about the WWE or professional wrestling. It is a phrase that wrestling fans know all too well.

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The first thing you need to know, is that wrestling is not like the SuperBowl… Sure, the event and spectacle that follows is similar and it features what appears to be a sporting event, but there is a very obvious difference. The SuperBowl determines who is the best at American Football, while pro wrestling is pre-determined. Well… it applies to anyone who likes any form of fiction. You should think of it as a fictional TV show about a wrestling company. What that means is that you are not necessarily watching for the result of the match like you would with sports.

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The matches themselves usually serves as a way to further the story that is being told. Often, the story revolves around the most prestigious price in the business; the WWE Championship. But winning the WWE Championship is not really all that much about sports at all. Sure, as a wrestler you are a full-time athlete, it certainly helps if you are in peak physical condition and the grind of being a WWE superstar is more taxing than most outsiders tend to think.

The way they get people to watch, is by making you care about the characters — the wrestlers themselves — and their own personal story. Like almost every story built around drama, there are good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains. In wrestling we call them faces and heels. As a good guy — the face — your goal is to get as much support as possible. That can be achieved by making people relate to you, by being good at your craft, simply by just being entertaining or all of the above.

The role of the bad guy — the heel — is to be as detestable as you can be. It makes the good guys seem more sympathetic by comparison and gives them an obstacle to overcome. The Rock is a natural entertainer and would make people tune in to WWE programming every single week of the year, fill up arenas and sell a whole lot of t-shirts and other merchandise.

The WWE Champion represents the company, usually gets to close the show and generally gets a lot more screen-time than the rest of the WWE roster. It means that the more you get behind your favorite wrestler, the louder you get people to chant their name or boo them if they are a heel and the more people buy their t-shirts, the likelier it is that they are featured in major storylines and possibly even become the WWE Champion.

The WWE have a whole bunch of different characters who appeal to different types of people. Since wrestling consists of elements borrowed from comic book superheroes, sports, soap opera, theater and athletics, wrestling fans are a varied bunch of ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages. It makes it harder than it looks for the WWE to push the right person into the spotlight. Sometimes though, the stars align and practically everyone get fully behind the same wrestler.

This means that the WWE sometimes misjudge whether to push a wrestler or not, which was the case with one of my personal favorites, Daniel Bryan. First and foremost, Daniel Bryan is just a really likable guy. Almost always positive, with a smile or laugh hidden behind his bushy beard and hardly anyone has a bad thing to say about him. He is also a terrific wrestler, who knows how to play up to the emotions of the crowd, who he has a strong connection with. It symbolizes the positivity needed for a guy to realize his dreams with his shortcomings and the rapid movement is a reflection of the intensity Daniel Bryan uses to credibly compete with bigger foes.

The influence the crowd can have on both the atmosphere of the TV show and the actual story is unique to wrestling and it is one of the main reasons we continue to be engaged as fans.

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With Daniel Bryan, we proved that as long as we continue to make our voices heard, the WWE will listen and change the show for the better. It was a tearful farewell to the thing he loved; performing in the ring in front of the thousands in attendance and millions watching at home.

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At least we all got our WrestleMania moment. Winning and losing plays a part of the story that unfolds when you watch wrestling.

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The Undertaker is one of the biggest literally and most popular superstars in WWE history. Because of the invincible aura of his character and his standing in the WWE he was booked to win 21 matches in a row at the biggest WWE event of the year, WrestleMania. Year after year, the biggest superstars in the WWE came as close as you can get to pinning Undertaker for the 3 count to break the streak, but Undertaker never lost. When Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 then pinned The Undertaker, the ref counted all the way to 3 and the streak was broken, this is how wrestling fans reacted:.

It will never be replicated and if the WWE even as much as try, it would be rejected by the fans. Most people assumed that if the streak was ever to be broken, it would be by a young up and coming guy who could really use the momentum. Instead, the man who got to break the streak was a 37 year old part-timer who has been in and out of the WWE, Brock Lesnar. The result was a big benefit for Brock Lesnar, who at that point had grown a little stale and needed something huge to become interesting again.

Wins and losses work as a transfer of power in the WWE. If a superstar continues to lose, the WWE Universe will eventually lose hope in that guy or girl. Just ask Dolph Ziggler, who went from getting the loudest reaction of the night to become an afterthought. Ultimately, this is why winning and losing matters and why you end up caring so much about an outcome that is pre-determined. Even when legendary wrestlers need to hang up their boots or are forced to retire, the show must go on with the superstars that remain.

But even if a superstar retires from in-ring competition, they can still contribute to the show. That eventually sparked a career-reviving moment for one of the remaining superstars in the WWE, The Miz. The Miz is the total opposite of Daniel Bryan. Working as a heel for most of his WWE career, the former reality TV star portrays a wannabe movie star who almost makes himself seem too good for wrestling.

He has never wrestled in bingo halls in front of the smallest of crowds and is an annoying loudmouth obsessed with status, glitz and glamour. Still, he has managed to last over 10 years in the WWE, winning multiple important championships, but never felt like he got the respect he deserved. The Miz has the thankless job of a heel, someone who needs to be hated so his opponents look better. A job he has done for over 10 years without getting much respect for it. They are the perfect matchup for each other with clashing styles and how they got to the WWE.

Both have legitimate reasons to be upset with the cards they have been dealt. Until now! On March 20thit was announced that Daniel Bryan has been cleared for in-ring competition and we might finally see Daniel Bryan and The Miz have another match to extend their long-standing feud.

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There are still a lot more things to touch on. The spectacle, fireworks, face turnsheel turnssurprise returnsthe Royal Rumble, the Money in the Bank cash insBotchamaniathe theme songs and all the rumors and fantasy booking that goes on with the Internet Wrestling Community. In the end, the WWE is just another way to keep yourself entertained and taking your mind off of the stress of your everyday life. It is a business and past-time that matters to a lot of different people, not just adults like you and me, but to kids everywhere as well.

Follow TheVideoScope. The SuperBowl and WrestleMania, the same venue, but very different execution Why do people care about something that is pre-determined? What makes you care about the wrestlers? Do the fans always root for the same guys and girls?

Did it work?

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Can the audience affect the outcome like that? An anecdote about the importance of wins and losses in the WWE Winning and losing plays a part of the story that unfolds when you watch wrestling. When Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 then pinned The Undertaker, the ref counted all the way to 3 and the streak was broken, this is how wrestling fans reacted: Why the shock? Why did they end The Streak? Both Daniel Bryan and The Miz have legitimate, real life reasons to be upset.

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Anyone love wrestling

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