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It is your community. Your support network. Your place to chat and share advice and experiences. For now, The Westerly Club is operating as a virtual group — the meeting place. As restrictions change and lift there will be opportunities to meet, for those who would like to. It is here for you to make it what you need. Alongside other club members we have Ambassadors on hand to talk to. This hand-picked selection of men are local faces you will probably recognise, representing many of the sectors that are not only male dominated but where mental health issues seem to be more prevalent.

Men need to be strong and hold other people up. You put yourself second after everyone else. Why do you think men tend to steer away from talking about their mental health? Life is busy for many of us, so it gets locked up in a box and put away. Most of us men are not content in how in touch we are with our emotions, how we express ourselves emotionally and how to understand what is going on mentally.

Sadly, it can be too late before we even realise. Why do you feel it is so important for this barrier surrounding men and their mental health to be broken down? There is such a high percentage of men who sadly die from suicide each year as well as men who turn homeless, all of which relates back to their mental health. The barriers that we as men put up around ourselves can stop us from driving forward with our lives - be it friendships, relationships or our careers.

There are still so many men that see mental health as a taboo subject. Men steer away from mental health issues as it is not perceived as an illness more a weakness! In essence, why are initiatives such as The Westerly Club of such importance? We should all push to break barriers down in all mental health. So much in life is decided under pressure, from career decisions to relationships so for a start we all need a healthy mindset so the decisions we make are informed. I think this is down to being a man and showing weakness… Growing up we never talked about stuff like this, it was all football and boxing or whatever sport was on.

Looking back now, I would say lots of my friends growing up had problems and sadly some of them are no longer with us.

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I think it has long been engrained that the men are the protectors, steadfast and stoic. We cannot be weak or suffer as we are the providers for the family. I think some of those things are still true, but men absolutely do suffer. To admit you need help or are suffering may be seen as weakness among your peers. If you cannot look after yourself how are you supposed to look after your family? Will I? We mask it, hide it, bury it deep inside, sometimes until it is too late.

How will your colleagues view you if you suffer? Will your employers think you are incapable of completing your work effectively? All of these issues just compound your current issues and exacerbate them.

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Men, like everyone else, need help. It should be seen that it actually takes strength and courage to talk about your issues, let alone admit that you have any. If men are given the freedom and respect to be able to speak about their issues, it will make every aspect of their lives better. Make them a better father, husband, worker, friend.

Empower them to potentially help and support others also. If men know their friends suffer, it may encourage them to be more open and seek help. Seeking not just help, but the right help, changed my life for the better and I would encourage any man, no matter their age, to do the same. Men feel they are less manly if they talk about their wellbeing and mental health. They just carry on and put on a brave face.

You were never encouraged to talk to anyone about how you felt. This just carries on into adult life. Every single working day in the UK, two construction workers take their own lives. This is higher than any other industry. A fifth of all work-related illness is due to stress, anxiety and depression. We need to breakdown these barriers and do something to help these men - fathers, step-fathers, partners, husbands and sons.

Men are plagued by the idea of masculinity, and the notion that they are unable to express any kind of emotion. It is an age-old idea that men should not cry or talk about their worries; how many people from this generation or older have seen their own father cry for example? There is a certain damaging stigma around men expressing their true feelings which le them to bottle up their feelings until they are too much to bear. For men, avoidance of fragile masculinity is more appealing than avoidance of mental health issues, something that needs to be addressed.

While women seem more likely to suffer with mental health issues according to statistics, men are more likely to commit suicide as a result of their mental health. This highlights a great issue in the amount of help sought after and received by men in regard to their mental health. Realising there is another way out. By definition; a taboo subject is something that society regards as something to be avoided.

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We may fail to recognise or act on warning s and may be unwilling or unable to seek help. Finally, in the ever-changing world we find ourselves a part of our evolution stopped many years ago. Perceived pressures from our obsession with technology and social media can have a very quick and meaningful negative impact.


In my opinion there more we talk the more chance we have of balancing on the wire. A problem shared is a problem halved. Our ambassadors are very open to talking about mental health, their experiences, sharing any words of wisdom or simply being here to listen to you.

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They are here to encourage the Westerly community to develop and to encourage you too. Tag them in your posts and your questions. They will be here to help support the community as it grows. Regular speakers or interviews will also be scheduled to talk to the group once a month.

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They will be vast and varied. News of who will be speaking and when, will be posted within the group itself and on social media so be sure to follow Facebook on the blog. The Westerly Club — working together to support, engage and get men talking. [ protected] [ protected]. Hit enter to search or ESC to close.

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Welcome to The Westerly Club. Who might need The Westerly Club? How does it work? Who will I meet? Have a question? Send us a message. Send Message. The Facebook Group. Phone Office:

Adult phone chat Westerly

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