A cool different kind of Ford

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The Ford Motor Company has been building cars since although the of actual, you know, cars will soon be drastically reduced. Through sheer longevity if nothing else, the carmaker is bound to have built some great ones over the decades. And, well, our final working criteria is wildly inconsistent, contradictory, and irrational.

More than just a powerplant, this all-new DFV engine deed by Cosworth for Ford in the first Formula 1 car of note that used the engine as a stressed member of the chassis. In short, it was a revolution. Suspension travel and aggressive looks produce something no other manufacturer has yet dared to build.

The first of two reborn GT supercars would be produced for two short model years, but it announced to the world that the company was still capable of audacious des and daring engineering. The retro-flavored GT featured here is already a 21st-century legend—a status the Le Mans—winning third-gen GT is already well on its way to achieving. Influential beyond Ford, the four-door flagship inspired a generation of clean, muscular cars. And the suicide rear doors were way cool, too. Ford conspired with Carroll Shelby to build a whole new chassis under the AC Ace body and shove in the outrageous cubic-inch 7.

With between and horsepower, it has set a high bar for the performance cars that followed. The first Continental remains the ultimate Lincoln. The original two-seat Thunderbird was the first truly glamorous Ford. After three years it would bloat into a four-seat mess, but the sight of an original T-Bird today is an instant trip back into a supposedly happier and pastel-rich past.

And it was quickly embraced as an affordable platform for modification. Through two generations, it was sold in the United States by Mercury dealers, ending in This was a completely new full-size car that ditched leaf springs for coil springs in the rear suspension, setting new standards in ride comfort and quietness. And 46 years later, when the Ford Crown Victoria finally left production, so did the last remnants of this de. The most powerful V-8—powered Mustang used a crummy 4.

It was a small step forward but a big turning point. As American cars grew ever larger, the rest of the world needed an honest small car to deal with higher fuel prices and congested former cart paths. This was a simple, straightforward car, with a front engine and rear-wheel drive, that made Ford almost as British as it is American. Deeply beloved in the United Kingdom, it became a fierce rally car and a performance icon.

Arguably, this is the best-looking truck ever made just ask any street-rodder.

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And thanks to a modern chassis underneath, the beauty was more than skin deep. Although many of these have been customized into hot rods, some are still working hard every day. Think of it as the engineering blueprint that the entire American industry would follow for the next 35 years. In the mids, the American car industry was flailing, failing, and falling behind the Japanese. Then came the cleanly aerodynamic, front-wheel-drive Taurus and suddenly it was rational to buy an American car again.

No one may ever collect one as a classic—save for perhaps the high-performance SHO —but the Taurus saved Ford. The F-series pickups have been among the best-selling vehicles on earth ever since.

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Car fans will continue to disagree whether the first Mustang, introduced in April ofwas officially a The flathead Deuce is the eternal hot rod. Our top pick for the -one Ford of all time? Did you really have to ask?

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Over a period of 20 years, Ford built about With the Model T, Ford really did put the world on wheels, and in so doing, the world changed. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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